Day 89 – Why do people nag?

What I feel like saying….
If your wife, girlfriend, lover, or even sister or mother has been nagging a lot lately….
It’s because she is tired. She felt invisible and overwhelmed by her everyday  chores and responsibilities.
If they are not working, even worse. That means they are working for free to serve you. They sacrificed their 24 hours thinking and worrying about you.
If they nag, let them nag but don’t take their words to heart. Acknowledge that they are exhausted and are just letting out some steam.
Then once they have shared their woes. Ask them if you can be of any assistance. Make them tea or coffee. Massage them. Put your full attention to them with much love.
And give them a one day off every week (or more). Delegate some housework to yourself and other family members. Be initiative.
Once you do the work that they did even for just a day, you will understand why they nag.
I told my kids that on the weekends, I’m the Queen. And they have to do everything themselves including preparing meals and laundry for the family.
In the beginning, they felt such big burden and they tire easily. But as I shared to them how I feel doing these chores for them and some “hacks” (easier ways to do housework), they begin to cherish their everyday especially the things I did for us.
And when I nag, they let me be. And then they rush to make me feel loved. 
One has to put themselves in another shoes to actually see life thru their perspectives.
P. S: No one can walk this journey of life for you. You have to experiment with life itself and make choices.
It’s OK if you make mistakes. Mistakes make us grow. Learn, heal and improve. 
Honour your truth. Express your authenticity. Make joy your every step, every day. 
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