Day 88 – You Do You…

What I feel like saying…
Do you noticed that when we got mad, the words that spilled out will often made us regret?
Because truthfully we do not meant it on to another. We actually meant it for ourselves.
Notice that when you got mad, the words coming from your mouth are often because you are angry at yourself first.
I noticed this when I got mad at my kids. They, like me, are often concerned about others that they tend to neglect themselves.
And soon, they grew frustrated.
And I remembered being angry at them and were spewing words like dragons spew fire breaths. 
And then, as I say out loud to them – “You do you. And the rest will take care of themselves.”
And then I paused. It felt like the Truth was out. But it was not meant for them. Rather it was for me. 
I was so filled with worries about them, their paths, their dreams, their connections with the world and many more….
That I neglected mine.
Though ego played prominent part in most anger cases, as a parent, this time I knew, I was wrong. I took a breather and I apologised to them. And I hugged them.
My kids were surprised because they were clothed in guilt and thought the worst is yet to come. But when I admitted my mistakes, we were all humbled by our experiences.
And I began to notice that, my kids, they too apologise to each other when they made mistakes regardless whether their ego and pride were wrestling with them.
And I noticed the youngest often “parrot” back what I’ve shared with them. Thus, sometimes I’m their student. And they are my teachers. 
Well, what can I say…
I’m doing my best. I make lots of mistakes but I’m not ashamed to admit them.
P. S: Together, let’s awaken our world by being our most authentic, joyous, abundant, loving selves. 
It’s OK, if you don’t belong to the crowd. Belong to yourself is enough. You are ENOUGH.
Be the unique you and shine. You matter. 
We matter. The world need us in our colourful truths. Stand strong. Rise bold. 
Don’t matter if there is anyone with you or supporting you or the fact that you felt unwanted or rejected. 
You don’t need permission to be you. You are a life warrior. Have courage to do what feels right to you.
Stop hiding in the shadows. Stop concealing your imperfections. 
It’s OK if you have unhealed wounds. Resolute to learn/unlearn, grow and heal them. We are all works-in-progress. 
Your existence is important and it is powerful. There is a great purpose/s in you being alive. 
Remember that. 
I may not know you but if I did, I know, I will love you. Because no matter what we are, we each deserved to be loved, seen, heard and matter.
This is what I believe. This is my truth. I’m Honouring it by sharing and spreading my message. 
What is your truth? Get to know, explore. Then, Express and Share it. 
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