Day 64 – what did you learn during this challenging time?

Day 64 – What I feel like saying…
During the circuit breaker or lock down of countries period ….
Though I was tech savvy, I was not open to online shopping. I prefer shopping physically.
My kids are “businessmen” in the online world of selling and buying. I watched them wondering why were they having so much fun.
So when I was stuck, unable to go out (as much as I wanted), I decided to give this online shopping a go.
It became a daily habit. I often browse endlessly before I bought the items. 
And soon, I felt as if the world was in my hands. I can buy whatever I wanted without having to try so hard (going out, walking to destination, carrying the products back to home).
And I had fun reading the comments of buyers and sellers. It’s like reading an “online chat”. Pretty amusing to me.
Soon, boxes and boxes of delivered stuff covered my home. From groceries to tech gadgets. I was in awe of the inspirations behind the geniuses of products created and the prices were much cheaper than physical stores.
I was having loads of fun. If not aware, I can be addicted.
But that was not what I’m focusing on.
I learn to expand my abundance limit. And to take the easy route of getting things delivered to me (especially groceries like 10kg of rice etc). That is to ease myself up. 
I often believed that if I can do something while young, i should do it. 
As a mother, sometimes I do my best to save up as much on prices of daily necessities by buying them myself at the cheapest stores. But if its just a few cents more, and I get them delivered right at my doorstep, why not, right?
It’s a new stretch to my world of abundance and ease and I’m Loving it. 
What new things are you learning in this circuit breaker/lockdown period? 
P. S: Together, let’s awaken our world by being our most authentic, joyous, abundant selves. 
Be the unique you. You matter. We matter. The world need us in our colourful truths. Stand strong. Rise bold. Have courage. 
Your existence is important and it is powerful. Remember that. 
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