Day 61 – how you see your past

Day 61… 
what I feel like saying…
How we view our past, helps to create our future. 
Read that again, if it has not sink in within you. 
Everything we do, is a result of accumulation of projection of lessons from past. Either we learn or unlearn, the perspectives has already sunk into the archives. 
And so whatever we will do in the future is either to recreate the same great thing or better… 
Or to avoid pain from past by improving or do whatever it takes to avoid it. 
So how we perceive our past will mould our future. 
If you think your past has been unlucky, then you will do whatever it takes to avoid the same mistakes and be lucky. 
And we carry that “unlucky blueprint” with us, as if its a part of us. We see life through these “biased” tinted glasses. We live our everyday as if we are wounded. 
But if you think your past is a blessing (though it may be challenging) with gems of lesson weaved in between… 
Then your future will be a bliss. 
You will see the glass half full no matter what. And joy is definitely at every corner of your life. 
So how do you see your past? 
A curse or a blessing? 
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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