Day 60 – Womb Power

Day 60 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Womb is a sacred place where we create. Women must honour and cherish their gifted wombs. 
Through them, it’s where we manifest and harness greatest desires and gifts. 
Not many women were taught to cherish their bodies. We often have this false “idolisation” or perfect picture of what beauty supposed to be. 
Nevertheless, that is a topic for another day. 
Today, I felt an urge to speak from my heart about wombs. 
Regardless if you have given birth or did not, your wombs are still powerful. 
To establish a relationship with your wombs is to re-connect with them. 
This is just a simple way of doing it:
Lie or sit in the most comfortable way (but not too comfy that you can sleep). 
Relax your shoulders and put aside your everyday to do list and worries. 
Ground yourself. You can imagine your legs grow roots deep into Mother earth. 
Breathe in and out deeply and gently. Take about 11 breaths in and out. 
Once calmed, imagine an inverted triangle beneath your navel. You can hold or touch that area while doing this process or you can put your hands by your side and just visualise focused on that area as your womb area. 
Take 5 breaths in and out of the womb. Imagine breathing in cleansing air to cleanse the womb. And breathing out, purging the bad things out of your womb. 
Once done, imagine being in your womb. You don’t have to see (though some may have visions) , but feel as if you are there. 
Feel in your mind’s eye and look around. What does your womb feels like? Is it cold or warm? Is it breathable or congested? Is it clean or dirty? Is it spacious or overwhelmed with stuffs? 
There is no right or wrong answer. Just take note what came up for you. 
Sit in the middle of the womb (visualise) and calling out your womb to sit and have a conversation with you. 
She can be a girl, a woman, whoever that comes, embrace. Once seated, ask gently with much love, 
Say- thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I’m truly grateful. 
Now, what can I do for you, today? 
Listen with heart. Once she finished talking, say thank you. 
Sometimes, she may say – eat certain foods during certain period, or avoid having relationship with certain person, or cut ties or cord from past relationships… 
And many more. 
Whatever advices given, take action. If unsure, meditate and ask higher self or you can call upon her and ask further–how to…. 
Sometimes you may hear nothing at all. And no one comes forward. It’s OK, do the same thing again the next day. It may akr days… But eventually she will emerge. (Maybe she is shy, who knows?) 
Sometimes we have forsaken our wombs for many decades that it takes some persuasion, some form of “coaxing” to establish the relationship. 
Sometimes, it just need some “housekeeping”. For example, if you have many sexual partners in the past, then the cords may be messy in the wombs and may need to be cut. 
Ask first before cutting. Should I cut this cord with whom and whom for the highest good of all concerned? 
(once we cut cords, sometimes old flames may contact us again. Use your intuition. If that person is not good for you, ignore them.)
And sometimes, we just need to “interior design” our womb space and make it home for us. You can visualise a pink carpet on the floor, with a fire place, and…. Whatever you wish that makes you happy. 
And once you are done, say thank you and exit. 
Unground yourself. Imagine the roots from feet detach from Mother earth and disappear. (thank you Earth) 
Everyday, do your best to have conversations with your wombs. 1-5minutes is fine. 
And law of attraction is powerful with visualising and feeling as if you already own whatever you wished. 
But there is another more powerful way. 
Manifest with your womb. 
Babe, you gotta learn to harness that power. 
(some day, I will share) 
Have fun establishing connection and manifesting with your wombs. 
We are more powerful than we imagined. 
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.  #wombpower
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