Day 47 – Kids nowadays.

Day 47- the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
I heard a few of my acquaintances choose not to have kids. They have their own valid reasons. 
At first I don’t get it. I thought it was one of human’s love and service to the world to create and nurture offsprings so they can create an improved and better world in the future. 
Eventually, I was beginning to understand. 
Everywhere I looked (this was many years before), the theme was violence. Wars in movies, games and media. Wars with humankind, wars with aliens, wars with women fighting over a man. 
And the video games, many were violence theme. Violence with people, aliens, zombies and many more. 
They were so gory and almost real life, that I myself had nightmares after watching or playing it. 
And now at this challenging moment, for every child being born, my heart goes out to him/her and their parents. 
The world is inundated with so much data and information. It’s overwhelming being a millenial. 
Kids wanting fame and popularity on social media’s are one too many. 
I have to literally drag my kids off these platforms sometimes. It can be quite addictive. 
Kids as young as toddlers were holding out gadgets and playing with them. 
We pride ourselves in getting the next best gadgets, not caring if we were left with a debt or have any money left to buy food or pay bills. 
In fact, I heard some kids in China actually sold their organs just to own an iPhone. 
If this goes on, we may be the next generation glued to the virtual reality like the ready player one movie. 
But actually our life is one big dream. It’s an illusion. So what is an illusion inside another illusion called? 
But anyway, I’m truly grateful for my kids. Truly heart them, cause they are doing their best to learn/unlearn from the world while their mother is going the opposite way. 
How do they manage? 
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