Day 45 – Letting go of what no longer serves your highest good

Day 45 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
When I was moving from home to home, often, I had to let go a lot of stuff. 
I noticed that many have not even been used. Some were still in mint condition, neatly wrapped just like when they were bought (I remembered a head massager which looked like a helmet. 
I used to have frequent headaches when I was married that I had to resort to experimenting with ideas that can be bought. I was not open to learn energy healing, back then) 
And books, mostly read, were like my old friends where we often meet for coffee. But I had to let them go. The newer premise had smaller capacity. 
And when I counted the times I “threw away” (most I gave back to charity organisations) those things I bought… They accumulated to thousands and thousands of dollars.
What the f$$& ?!?! How did I spent these kind of money on things I thought I needed but ended up, not being used at all? 
After moving to many homes, eventually, I learn to spend on things that I really need. 
In fact, I became so good that the last home I lived in, my things can be packed in 2-3 boxes, tops. And eventually I recognised what are my needs, wants and “a waste of money” … when I go shopping.
And as I learn about law of attraction (LOA), whenever we clean our lives of clutter, the Universe rush in to deliver miracles on these “new spaces”. 
So look around you, in your homes, your office, your wherever…. 
What things no longer served you that is better off send to charity organisations? 
And take note of your spending. Don’t waste money on a whim or buy because of emotional turbulences in life. 
It pains me to give away things I loved. But eventually, I detach from them when I knew it can brighten another’s life. 
Now I’m only spending on things I really need. And money saved can be used for more beneficial ways. 
And I understand that things from loved ones who had departed, can be priceless. 
But if they take up a lot of space in your home (like a bed furniture that is over 20 years old and is not in use, then it’s time to give it away or let it go). 
Sometimes when I visit others, I felt “suffocated” just standing at the door. 
The same for schools, I visited as a teacher (for schools, normally the general office is a giveaway to the state of the school : very cluttery=very stressed school =very stressful teachers =not so obedient/restless students = poor results ) . But this is just my observation, it may not be true for you.
Anyway, who am I to judge? 
What about the people in your life? Is there anyone that need to be let go, of? 
Have fun, de-clutttering your life.
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