Day 29: Happy YOU=happy world.

Day 29 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Happy individuals =happy families = happy world. 
Staying indoors, we have lots of time to calm our minds and look deeper within. 
Use this time of isolation wisely and seek the inner wisdom. 
Cutting off our gadgets time and repair the ties closest to us. Ties and bonds of love. 
And the closest relationship we need to repair and bond closer is the relationship with self. 
What makes you happy for no reason? 
If you have no idea, reflect on your childhood days. Those days where you may draw, dance, play, paint, sing, perform to make people laugh, etc… 
Or you can reflect – what are you willing to do for free? 
For me… 
I am willing to wander and explore for free. I have this huge wonder within. To be in awe of everything. 
I explore and wander to feed my innate curiosity. And if I can’t do that in the physical world, then, I can wander in my imagination. 
I love to explore in all kinds of ways be it physically, mentally, spiritually thru body, heart, mind or soul. 
When I explore, it brings me joy more than I can ever explain. Even as a toddler, I love to wander about. 
So what brings you joy? 
I believe if everyone is responsible for their own happiness, then their families will be happier, and that joyful energy will ripple out to the world. 
So be responsible. Do whatever it takes to be happy, everyday. 
Forget about the world for awhile. Forget about making others happy. Focus on yourself. Tune into your joy. Enlarge, and expand it. And see where this path of happyness may lead you and your loved ones. 
And I observed that the happiest people are often the healthiest, as well. 
Be happy. 
Stay healthy. 
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Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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