Many benefits of garlic and its skins….

My mom taught me to eat garlic and honey everyday. Just chopped 1 head of raw garlic, add spoonfuls of honey and mix . Place them in a container in the fridge. And eat it everyday on an empty stomach in the early morning (you can tone down the sharpness accordingly with the honey and cloves ratio). And we seldom caught the flu. Good for wintry seasons as well.
There is a youthful man I met in Africa who eats 1 raw clove (1 head garlic has about 11 cloves) everyday and he never falls ill.
And before you throw away those garlic skins, think again. They are chokeful rich in vitamins A, C and E and alongside myriad of antioxidants.
Many generations before us, were taught to make full use of everything we got, from the skins of the fruits, vegetables to the roots to the  everything…
Fascinating, isn’t it?
The many wonders and miracles lies in our kitchen. 
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