131 – Kids should grow up with love…

I believe kids as young (and until whenever they are ready to fly the coop) … 
… should be taken care by someone who loves them whole-ly and unconditionally. Not because of being paid like maids or caretakers or even nursery.
Preferably those closest like parents especially mothers. They need someone to shower them with unconditional love and someone to witness their growth.
I understand in modern world, where living conditions have expenses and bills to be paid… Both parents may opt to work full-time and leave their babies to caretakers.
But I suggest, live simply. Live a simple life. Don’t splurge on things you don’t need. 
Focus on love instead. Focus on giving the best love to your kids. Put that as first priority. And somehow life will respect that and flow around that. 
If they grew up without much love, and watching their parents working so hard to earn money, then the pattern will be instilled. 
They soon grew up to prioritise money over love for their own kids and probably towards you in your retirement age (and perhaps dump you to a retirement care centre? It’s a circle of life. )
Yes, money can make life much more comfy. But not to an extent where you need to sacrifice precious time from your loved ones. Balance it out.
I noticed that when kids were not properly nurtured, showered with endless unconditional love, being witnessed in our every stage of life and growth, kids tend to feel something is missing in their life. 
And they sought the outside world to fill that emptiness. And that patterns repeat itself until someone decodes it. 
No matter how much money you spent in that handbag, holiday or even fancy car…. Nothing can bring you much love, joy and happiness than hanging out with family.
And at the end of your life, will you look back and regret that you did not purchase that Louis Vutton bag or for not spending much time with your kids?
I’m not saying that you cannot pamper self. Yes, you can but make sure it’s not creating unnecessary burden and taking your time and energy away from what truly matters. 
We give birth to kids not just to create a comfy life for them but to teach them to grow, share with them our experiences, to bond in love and together solve challenges in our path. 
We want them to be better beings and so what better way than indulge them with much love? 
So that they do not have to search love in everything they do. 
So that they won’t have emptiness within. 
So that they grew in love and ripple love in their everyday, just by being their loving selves. 
Call me old fashioned, but this is my belief. 
Hi, my name is Lina Masrina. I am a spontaneous explorer of life. An explorer of worlds within and with-out. My dream is to travel all 196+ countries of the world. Currently I’ve travelled 47. 
This is my blog. 
I’ve grown from a food blogger with million of fans worldwide, to a heart healer and women empowerer. 
Now, I’m focusing on just exploring my many versions of me and do my best to be my authentic self and loving me in all my colorful seasons (regardless of whether the world may approve or not 🙂 
And this blog of more than 10 years are just about me sharing my everyday. My intention is with hope and love that thru my experiences shared, you as the reader find solutions to your own happy journey.
Together, we become a huge universe of joyful beings rippling love…just by us, being ourselves. 
It’s not easy being our truths, but who can we be, other than the unique weird selves we are blessed with? 
I believe the world is better with all our weirdness combined. 
And to do that is to first acknowledge, embrace and love ourselves in all the good, bad and awesomeness. 
Everything I do is to heal the illusions we have all adopted thru out our lives. I recommend that we each heal ourselves by facing the skeletons we hid in our closets. But if you need the extra guidance, I may be able to help you. Connect with me : linamasrina at Gmail dot com (do check out my disclaimer page above) 
Have fun living your life as I do with mine. 
Lina Masrina. 
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