Dark night of souls 2

Being with my tribe of goddesses, princesses, priests, crones and queens (these are not labels to segregate us, women… but mainly phases, the women are currently going thru. We all have these in us ) , I was humbled again…

2016, I’ve gone thru a dark night of soul, maybe not my first but its my first awareness of dark night.

Dark night of soul is like a spiritual “quicksand”. The more you struggled, the further, you got pulled in. The best is to relax and trust the process. Healing may help but there is some heavyness still reside. But after it, life gets so bright and beautiful again.

More info: https://lonerwolf.com/the-dark-night-of-the-soul/

I was doing my best to hurrying it up with the grief, dark night etc in order to help others. But how can one give when they are empty. I’m running on leaky aura and energy. And my surroundings were mirroring me. Everywhere I see were wounded, sappy and drained.

(Do note: when you are in a dark night, you have no energy for others because your job is to heal, nourish, nurture, replenish, pamper self with much love. That is when being a goddess comes in, trusting the Universe has your back and have faith, all is taken care and all is well).

Well, this is a reminder that healers, coaches, teachers, whoever… still have their weaknesses and forgetfulness. Sometimes I got into my “warrior mode” to rectify everything when I’m depleted.

After all I am still human. Not super human. Not perfect.

Anyway, I will not be taking anymore clients. Thank you for the current clients. From now on, I shall heal myself fully with my tribe.

My site, my social medias or even podcast may be updated by my loving team (love you all so much). But it is still directly from me. They just help me post and update.

Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy everyday and send loving light to you and the world, we are all getting awakened by this worldwide phenomenon…

Let’s find the blessing and gratitude in it, and learn/unlearn from it.

Every thought, every word, every intention, every prayer, every action, every belief, every perspective, every habit, every thing, every love… Every being matters. Because it is all energy. It is powerful.

So make sure, every thing we do, is through the eyes, spirit, mind and heart of love

Have a beautiful end-year filled with much love, joy and definitely more miracles to come in the new year.

Expect Miracles, everyday.

Love you,

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