Age and past life regression therapy

I was introduced to age regression after divorced in 2011. It was mind and spirit -boggling session because it was one of the very “new” experience I was opening myself up in order to heal.

Age regression therapy for me at that time was a trance-like meditative experience. I was guided by professionals thru hypnotherapy and a mix of shamanic meditation to go back in time/age where a certain painful event happen that I blocked out. I didn’t know what to expect. But the results was totally effective till this day.

Age regression can be anytime in the past, from childhood to babies, in the womb and in between.

For past life regressions is similar but the therapist will guide their clients to go back to previous lifetimes where the events or actions taken still plays a big part in current lifetime.

For example, you may longed for marriage but every relationship you’ve been, ended with you leaving. It can be that in previous lifetimes, there was a vow of celibacy or vow of no more commitment because your first love died in a car crash and you vowed never to commit to another again etc.

So we can go in that particular lifetime and release that memory and heal the wound.

Or it can be finding the root of a cure for addictions like smoking.

Though I don’t truly believe in past lives but I was open to experience it. And it was truly enlightening. Some were healing as well.

I take it as… that, it can be the memories or experiences from my ancestors and they were lodge in my dna. And somehow due to similar life lessons and patterns, I was triggered thru them.

Nevertheless, when I was in healing sessions with my clients, I was able to see glimpses of visions of their past lives (or beliefs of the memories impacted), and often they were true.

For example, one client had difficulty accepting money. And it turns out, he was a monk in previous lifetime. And after we healed and realised that, he was able to embrace money and accept abundance coming his way.

I’ve been asked many times over the years globally to conduct these for my clients but I refused them.

Though, I’ve learnt the art of regression from mentors, some are Doctors, some practitioners, and another professional therapist and get certified but I wasn’t open to share nor conduct these sessions with others (aside from myself, family and friends).

Recently, after mom passed, I felt open to do this. Perhaps, I may open the doors to both age and past lives regression therapy in this coming year.

Though I don’t believe in previous lifetimes, as mentioned above, as a healer, I am able to get information thru visions /data about my clients’ previous lifetimes.

Fyi- And as stated in previous postings, I’m not a medium nor a shaman. I don’t do work with spirits, the dead or other entities. Though I’m spiritual, my basic foundation is still Islam. Anything not in sync with Islam, I won’t practise.

These regressions are similar to hypnotherapy and meditation. Normally it’s a 1 hour session but with before and after consultations, it will take up about 2 hour. Just relax and listen. And trust the process.

I haven’t put out my coaching and healing schedule for next year, 2021, yet. But if you do need it, do connect with me.

And please read my disclaimer page before contacting me on this.


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