Crashing warriors homes -Twin Flames are they a myth?

I’ve never met any couple as sync as these two souls. I had researched about twin flames years back because I wanted that kind of relationship. But I have never met any twin flames and understood what the connection was all about. 
But when I met these two souls separately in camp, I sense an illuminating love borne out of them. I can feel and see their invisibly sunshiney rays of love. I then immediately knew that Twin Flames couple exist.
Their home is truly a castle. They were very well equipped to give me a “royal entrance”… with pink carpet beneath my feet and flowery petals that were hand picked were thrown in the air as I stepped slowly, waving to imaginary maddening crowd like a delicate sophisticated Princess. Lol.
Add tears to my eyes…feeling touched and also due to laughters….at our spontaneous humor.
They then treat me to big German breakfast from myriad breads, to fruits and berries and yoghurt and good kangen water….

Everything was organic, either from the gardens or the local farms…
Dining on the roof of their castle overlooking their “subjects” lands…
Then we head down to one of the oldest historical resident area….
and went on a short tour around…
I was chaperoned in a beautiful car and companions…
During one of our breaks for ice-creams, a group of bride and bridesmaids came to us and asked us to join them. It seems that the vibrant love between this two souls attracted other like minded lovers and passersby. I’m not the only one to sense this.
And we had an enjoyable time sharing about our single hood before wed and falling in love stories….

 Oh yes, what’s for dinner?

Beautiful beautiful food…”choreography” of LOVE
LOVE Menu:
Kabeljau COD fish in creamy Hollandaise sauce
Elder flower pancake with fresh homemade Rhubarb sauce
What can I say?
Every home I’ve been to, the food is truly amazing.
Different Colours, different Flavours, different Sensations and definitely the Chefs have different vibrant personalities. I was presented with the yummy dishes in a much much “flamboyant” entertainment that often took me by surprise…
I’m just gonna eat them with so much love…
The homemade “Aubergine hummus” is to die for… 😋😋😋

Thank you Harriet and Peter…
For truly opening your hearts to embrace this weird crazy spontaneous warrior traveller from afar and for guiding me with your love for each other and the world and for truly supporting me in this soulmate love by sharing your experiences and also the Mexican Shamanic process…
I can never repay your kindness and love but my “boss” can…
Also…I love the “lucky sex” drinking technique…😆

Warriors are amazing Chefs!!
and yes…

LOVE tradition: A secret admirer’s tradition in Bavaria….

If you like someone, plant a tree in their garden secretly…We were visiting a family who has two beautiful daughters and both daughters have a secret admirer (look below at image)

I also want one…

Dear soulmate, once you are “awaken”, please cut the tallest tree from a natural forest and plant them right in front of my home in Singapore. In Bavarian culture, the taller the tree is, it shows the depth of love for your loved ones…”
P.s: A word of caution: You may end up being fined, spanked or thrown in jail for breaking some rules…in Singapore
But for the sake of LOVE, why not?

FYI-the ladies do not know who their mysterious lovers are… I wonder how they plant these trees without anyone knowing?!? #secretadmirers

Perhaps, there is some kind of gift company that specialised in this…. 
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