Crashing Warriors' homes in the Netherlands part 11

Crashing #warriorangels homes #EWTC2016#Europe series… #Netherlands…continues…

Meeting the next #warriorangel brings me to the next level.

Starting from a “clean slate”, what do I want to plant?

The Universe knows and thus this journey has been “planned” miraculously for me…


I first met him in #camp1 in Girona, Spain #EWTC2016 weeks back…

His fluent English and comfort in expressing himself with his travel tales made me more “intrigued” to get to know him.


Knowing that he is a Dutchman, made me felt like he is family (I’m half Dutch …somewhere in my “blood” 😜)

Not knowing much about him (cos he was often moving in camp -water team) but I have faith and trust in a fellow traveler as he opened his door and embraced me…

He taught me so much about being an adaptable global citizen with his amazing family.

I realised the “plant” is…

This “young-at-heart” and active warrior angel who loves to speed cycling up the mountains (what?!?😰) taught me how beautiful a Father and Daughter relationship can be.

The purity, authenticity and the “fun” of it all.

I’ve never seen a calm happy role model so positively enhancing his family’s life….

……especially in the growth of his young adult children…

…navigating this challenging “rebellious yet curious” years and tears… with so much trust that “everything-will-be-fine” demeanour.

I wonder what #LOVE gems and experiences will he share with me… 😀?

Who is the next “flying” Dutchman?

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