Crashing Warriors' homes in Krakow, Poland Part 10

This beautiful couple crew in the Warrior camp together…. I love their energetic vibes. That I followed them home… lol.
Wojo and Magdalena took me a on a tour around Krakow city. After visiting Warsaw, a beautiful city that was rebuilt after the way, it was the feeling of a new bud blossoming. I felt in Warsaw, the feeling of openness and healing ensues. 
In Krakow, meanwhile, a different set of vibes…
I smell the city and feel it fully.
The richness of historical prints including set of emotions of love, pain, freedom, caged, joy, sadness decorated the city…
Like a new stranger, 
I felt the city embracing me with its beautiful stories, urging me to share mine.

It was very brave of them to bring me to a quickie tour… because they were superb especially Wojo with his clear English explanations of the historical places. I thought they might be certified tour guides.

These two ski instructors humored me loads. I watched them seamlessly work together as one team. Taking turns to be leaders and followers to each other. Beautiful synergy. Loving this moment with the warrior couple.

Later we went to their beautiful house and met with Rafal, another warrior.  He brought fresh broad beans and boiled them with a pinch of salt. We ate buckets of them. It was delicious! My first time eating them.

Rafal is another enlightened warrior. You can see his joy exudes vibrantly from his face. Warriors don’t need words but simple body languages. The moment we looked at each other, we knew we can connect well. An entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing success and abundance to his surroundings. I love this meeting!!!

We also went for a beautiful lunch outside with a majestic view of  the river of Krakow.

the food was beautiful….
And then we head for dessert- CHILLI ice-cream… Sweet and slightly hint of spiciness. 
Truly enjoying this!!!

Thank you Magdalena and Wojo for this beautiful trip. Thank you for having my back and planning all these in a jiffy. It felt like we were mates before, probably soul families of a different life. Watching you both caressing life with so much love and joy, inspired me to do the same with my own family. thank you for letting me into your life even for a moment.
Stay loving, warrior couple. I love you both!

Later as we both depart towards our own separate journeys, we met another warrior couple (participants) at the airport in Warsaw and Netherlands….

They then ensure I reached my parents’ home safely…

I’m totally grateful for this spontaneous meet-ups of warriors of the world.
Felt like a big big family of lovers. 

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