Crashing Warriors homes in KL, Malaysia 2017 part 3

Master Bala is one of the amazing Predicament team of trainers and teachers.
I met him in Warrior Camp 2014, Malaysia. Back then, I did not really know him. But when we meet again Spain Warrior camp, we connect well with each other. And our birth year is the same!
An amazing male role model I love and look up to.
What I love about him is that…as a Martial Art Teacher, he is very focused and firm. But he also has a very big love for all beings on this earth especially for animals. I can always talk to him about anything and everything. Open-minded humble warrior willing to hold space and learn as much.
A loving hubby, son, father and brother (to all including me)…. 
My stay in Malaysia was a very short one. But in spite of him having back to back training with his many students, he came out and meet me for dinner. 
There was a subtle hint of gentleness and love wherever we go. People were extra polite and smiles were given freely.
I noticed that trail of love followed me as I end my journey in KL today.
Thank you Master Bala. 
You are a good friend.

Summary of my “quickie” crashings in Malaysia…

These male warriors look tough but they got such big hearts.
And the female ones look gentle but they are not to be trifled with… 
Sometimes I forgot my truth and people like these amazing soul families (some new, some old) reminded me of who I am.
Thank you amazing people of #Malaysia and 1 from #southafrica #warriorsof the world #ewtc #warriorpower
Thank you for having me for the past few days. Thank you for tolerating my “crashing ways”…
Of course the food are beautiful and tasty!! I’ve been eating while “hopping” from one person to another.
I learnt/unlearnt lots… especially on balancing the male and female energies within self and surroundings…
Truly touched by the abundance of love given…
I love you all.
You matter to me.🙏🏻
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