Crashing Warriors’ Homes in KL, Malaysia 2017 Part 2

I love Malaysia. I met many like-minded people in self-development programs and these are only a glitter of them featured. 
Our “love stories” began in 2012/2013 whereby we started to pay it forward by volunteering to crew for Success Resources. While I was crewing, these Malaysians drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur to serve in the programs in Singapore. And coincidentally (synchronistically), I had a bigger home and has room to spare. And I welcome them without knowing who they were.
As a family of travelers, I was taught as a child to welcome anyone who travels into our home. Way before there were internet and couch surfing, we had welcome travelers of all ages into our home. Because as backpackers, ourselves, we were greeted with much love when we visited foreign countries and we wanted to do the same. This culture of receiving strangers with open hearts has long been our way of life. 
Thus without knowing them, I had a good feeling about these people. And soon, we became close like families. 
This year, I went to Kuala Lumpur without informing anyone. At 4+am, I had reached the bus terminal and I knew one of the warrior angel/karma crew is always an early riser. I contacted him and soon, he and his family greeted me with breakfast. 
He is Kahar. 
A phenomenal charismatic Wing Chun Martial Art Teacher who was aka IP Man of Malaysia. A free lance trainer in personal development and working with many mega organisations in many other programs. Well versed in many foreign languages like Mandarin and Japanese.
I love hanging out with him and his beautiful family. His wife is an amazing cook and baker with a successful business on her own. His son is a bundle of joy. Never cease to amaze me with his knowledge and curiosity.
Later I met another warrior angel who is also a good friend. He was my numbers guy when we were in business together. His rampant humor kept me wanting more. Being with him made me see life through joy in myriad ways. He is also Mr Wiki to me. His knowledge about everything and anything bamboozled me.
He is Zaf. 
Patient and zen-like with “overflowing” beard… lol.
These two families have been there for me through out the years. Our families knew each other. And in spite of our distances, we have a certain warrior like connection that stays fieryly connected. And when needed, we will kicked each others butts so that we can lead the bestest life we deserve.
Recently he is immersing himself in this keto diet. I had seen that it works wonders on him for he has lost weight and kept healthy through out. I tried to distract him with the carbs and fried chicken… lol.
Today is a “hopping warrior” day. I hopped from one warrior to another in warrior speed. After having two breakfast within 3 hours, its time for a workout in the form of a tour.
On my left is a Caucasian man from Africa. His name is Dr. Anthony. A man well-known in his community. A successful preacher, trainer, counselor, entrepreneur and many more. I have never met him before. We met because we decided to visit Grand Master Michael in KL (my right). I think he was from a different camp-Warrior Power (Indoor camp for 3 days).
Although I just knew him, he treated me with much respect as a woman. His chivalrous ways fascinates me because in Asia, there is not much chivalry shown towards women (except warrior friends). He also imparted some relationship skills to me. Truly grateful.
Grand Master Michael is a Martial Arts Teacher for hundreds of students.He also judges in Olympic competitions. First time, I met him was in Malaysia Warrior Camp 2014. He looked so fierce that I nearly cried. He reminded me of my own Taekwondo teacher in my teens.
But after knowing him, I never knew such humility resides in such a great man. To me, he is like  water, always going with the flow and being open-minded. Big-hearted and always taking care of his loved ones with so much love truly astounded me. I have seen how he cared for his fellow team mates including crews like me. 
His dedication to achieve his goals inspired me. 
He took me and Dr. Anthony in and around KL. 
And also had a taste of the popular local yong tofu. 
We went sightseeing and had fun. We even get to paint our palmprints on walls dedicated to the celebration of Malaysian’s independence… 
We also visited GM Michael’s family and visited his mom. I listened intently as to how she brought up her kids on her own. And wondered in awe, how did she do it? In between, I realised that sunshiney hope was bursting through and telling me to persevere in my own path. A warrior goddess indeed she is. Giving birth to many warriors and nurturing them to be powerful successful beings like GM Michael.
Also we heard stories about how GM Michael was in childhood. Doing chores and sacrificing lots to excel. (Truly hats off to him)

 Dr. Anthony had to rush off for a speaking engagement. While I stayed behind to watch GM in training with his very young students.

 Most of his students who had graduated from his training came back and left him their winning medals. He has tons of them. He must be very proud of them. Truly grateful to know him and his family. An honor.

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