Country 47th is Fiji…

It’s true what they say… Hawaii, Fiji… are magical… I felt like I was transported to another dimension, a hidden secret in this vast world of busy-ness…

Even if one refused to heal or do anything spiritual, your being will be “upgraded” and cleansed and healed automatically…

Apart from Bali, this experience transcend beyond spiritual… in Bali, I was taught to embrace being a healer… (and that freaked me out;)

In this slew of islands hopping, I was not taught or shown but “thrown” into the mass… to be a teacher. (As one puts it-Sorry babe, you are a teacher regardless whether you like it or not.) *freaking out but since I was thrown into the pool, there’s nothing to do but move my arms and legs to stay afloat…

I cannot find words to describe it…

Not gonna rush for it… let it unfolds…

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Have you ever met peeps, strangers who looked intently into your eyes as if to say- “at last you have arrived, let’s proceed on with your transformation… we got lots of work to do. And not much time. We here are ready for you. The world is ready for your next stage of love. Let’s do this! “

And in a blink, I was amongst family, as if I knew them way before I was born… and everything else felt effortless.

Hmm… beautiful…

I had always fought with the idea of being a teacher. Perhaps my first full-time job in a secondary school was not a pleasant one.

It felt like everyone wanted to put me in a cage. I was new and I felt suffocated that Teachers have to be this, that and to whatever beliefs created by others. There were no freedom to be me.

But now, my beliefs about being a teacher changed drastically. Just by being me, is enough.

I always thought being a teacher you need to know everything, but that is a lie.

Not every teacher has answers to everything. And I always knew that the more I knew, the more things I do not know.

I was amongst leaders, who had more money and has more successes than I ever can dream of.

I felt quite intimidated as if I crashed the wrong party. But they welcomed me as if I was a member of the group. In fact better, like family.

From the beginning, after introductions, they asked me a “book of questions” (spirit, soul, healing, conscious, awaken, heart matters, inner joys etc) and treated me like a teacher. As if they already knew me (they did not even knew anything about me or my blog or my spontaneous adventures around the world… )

They became immediate students and jot down everything I say. It felt as if I was a distinguished professor or speaker who came to spread the seeds of my knowledge.

It felt weird, normally I’m the one jotting down everything. It’s weird that peeps are writing down everything I say from my heart.

To me, it’s a norm, a life I lived everyday, to them it’s gems. They acknowledge everything I say and agree wholeheartedly.

If i were back home with family and even with my warrior friends, sometimes we questioned each others’ beliefs. And sometimes in spiritual new age context, they cannot understand what I was saying and laugh or make fun of me according to their own interpretation. It no longer bothers me because I believe the truths will catch up on us when we are ready;)

But here, it felt like i was in my own fan club. They were ready and…. hungry….and wanted more even after i left. (Perhaps they are aliens like me. Maybe this is my lost tribe?!)

Throughout the endless conversations, feeling a bit smitten with these successful abundant peeps, I kept thinking isn’t this supposed to be the other way round? Shouldn’t I be asking and jotting down notes?

Comparing their outlook and mine (dressing and attire) Simple was an understatement for me. I looked like their helpers, or housekeepers and yet here they are asking me for wealth (of knowledge) when the wealth is clearly written all over them.

Nevertheless, I knew the Universe has prepared something for me, when I was “invited” in 2017.

And as my gifts were “sharpened” through out my stay in the islands…, I knew it was preparing me for more.

Questions asked were answered effortlessly. As if my spirit was mature enough or there were guides beside me who whispers them to me. And heart and soul blueprints were shown to me vividly and clearly before being asked.

Although it felt a bit strange, it felt as if I was fulfilling a promise to be here… my soul appointment, planned before birth. And we all already planned to hang out together to remind each other of our Mission, purpose and truths.

Going offline, now…

Shine your brightest!

P.s: Remembering what my past mentor Blaire Singer told me…Everyone is a teacher. We each have experiences of life that we had been through.

So why not put that to good use and help others not to make the same mistakes and help them accelerate in life of success exponentially? Show them the easier way… (something like that, according to my own interpretation).

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