You are the Gift the world has been waiting for…

Something to ponder about…. while I go offline…

There is a reason why you were born. Everyone has the Gift. And each is unique. If you are not happy in life, perhaps you have not unwrap your gift yet…”

Excerpt from the book that made me ponder hard…

If an individual really wants to discover their Gift, they have to ask, “What Gift is trying to emerge and express itself through me? What power is trying to become conscious of itself as me?” Many people aren’t asking that question. They’re just asking, “ How can I avoid pain? How can I get more stuff? How can I fit into the society in which I’m living? How can I become successful? Perhaps their model of success is something that has been handed down to them by a high-tech, low-touch consumer driven society.

Others ask, “ How can I become more myself? How can I share my Gifts? How can I activate my potential?” Those are the questions that begin to activate the spiritual faculties within that allow you to hear the inaudible and to see the invisible. By asking these questions you’re pulling yourself out of the everyday world of mundane questions. Instead you’re aware of an interior broadcast that’s always being given. We’re guided not by the world but by our hearts. We’re guided by our soul’s desire to unfold.”
– Michael Bernard Beckwith

Currently reading the book: “Discover the gift. (It’s why we are here)” book.

By Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein

A brilliant book by a sister brother team who used their life experiences to help others find their own unique gifts…

thank you.
i believe in you.


p.s: If unsure about your Gift, follow your own path of joy (what makes you happy?)and if you need help in uncovering your gift, I can help you unwrap it. Together, let’s shine the brightest just by being ourselves. We are enough.

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