Being authentic with my journey…

Has its ups and downs…

Though I strive to write my everyday… in this blog, sometimes after a post, days, weeks or even months, the wounds will be opened and I’m going thru a healing and cleansing process.
And I will take either mini-breaks or a long big break in between my postings. So I really thank each and every one of you who has been with me thru it all (I’ve noted some of you have followed me in your student days and now, you are matured adults figuring out your bestest path and lifestyles. Truly proud of you :)) 
Thank you for your very kind words received. (I personally read every email I received). 
As mentioned, I have no intention to bring people of my journey into the limelight. I’m showcasing the experiences.
And I’m truly grateful for these teachers in my life. 
And I’m deeply fulfilled with what I am, now. 
It has been tough this past few weeks. As I cast light upon my shadows, there will be more dirty murky puddles being revealed and cleansed. 
And as I’m going through this, I believe at the same time…. Whoever reading this will be “cleansed” as well. 
As a student of Ho’oponopono, I’ve always believed that we are all connected in an intricate Web of invisible connections. 
And as we became more aware of others’ predicaments, lessons and blessings, we too are brought into awareness of our own vulnerabilities and current life states. 
And so as you read and feel me… I seek your understanding and kind loving being to say this with me…. 
“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” (you can either say one sentence or all or just Ho’oponopono is enough – Thanks To Dame Doria Cordova for sharing this with us) 
This is to cleanse whatever impurities and unpleasantness in all our journeys and experiences together collectively and individually…. With our consent or not, consciously or not, we are actually responsible. 
And so by saying the above… 
We are saying to the Divine… 
“Help us cleanse and MAKE RIGHT these experiences…. And journeys….” 
(more here
And expect MIRACLES! 
Together, let’s awaken each other to be our authentic, colourful selves. 
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