Are you an empath?

The reason I don’t meet people as much as I used to is that….

I’m an empath (indigo child actually). I’m sensitive. Sensitive to energy.

I believe everyone is sensitive to a certain degree. But me and my kids, we are very sensitive (Maybe because we came from a long line of healers? Or our soul blueprints are who we are? I don’t know. It can be a gift or a curse-up to you.)

At first I don’t understand…

Why after passing through crowds,

Stayed at a crowded location even for a short while

Or Even be in a home full of known relatives

We grew tired and exhausted

Even when we do nothing strenuous

Nothing but just stand there…

Or sometimes when someone or mass were in pain, we got the pain as well.

Throughout the years, I was able to differentiate my real pain amongst many others.

I had to learn as much now that my kids too are very sensitive and often brought back “baggages” from schools that includes stressed out Teachers and students.

There is always an exchange of energy between people.

It was shared to me by a spiritual person that in a concert or seminar or whenever someone of very high energy is out there facing the crowds (including TV personalities), there is a big exchange of energy.

The crowds often came back feeling empowered and energised and the singer, the speaker, whoever on stage will go back home feeling very exhausted, depleted of energy sometimes almost suicidal (if they do not know how to manage their energy and recharge with nature).

Perhaps that’s why many Hollywood stars commit suicide? Maybe. I don’t know.

“Empaths are usually deeply spiritual people, simply because the gift of empathy allows you to experience oneness. This in turn gives you an expanded perspective on other people and on life.”-Anna Sayce

You see empaths are like sponge

If they are not aware…

They often take on others’ low negative energy.

They can feel the pain of the world.

They feel through everything even the strongest masks, facades and walls.

And anyone even strangers who are in their vicinity

Will often feel great and happy

Will often be attracted to them for unknown reason

And be triggered to share their most intimate secrets or challenges.

But of course there are ways to handle that.

For me personally, it was difficult to communicate authentically since many of us wear masks. What people were telling me differs from what their feelings showed me. And after going through lots of peeling and purging, I don’t have the need to please people anymore.

I just cut through the whole bullshit story and tell them what I see (vision) and feel.

And most cannot accept it because it came like a shock. Like their masks were penetrable. They thought their masks/facades were bulletproof and they carried them everywhere they went. Some carried them too long that they began to believe they were the masks they potrayed.

So when that happens, they built an instant wall or ego battle (which I can break/stop immediately if i choose to. I no longer partake in this “game”. It’s exhausting.)

Someone has told me that, it’s like them undressing right in front of me and me seeing the good the bad and the awesomeness in their “nakedness” without them being able to control.

Sometimes those who knew me well are scared to meet me because they fear I might discover some shadowy parts of themselves.

I used to think that it’s my responsibility to inform them. Because I felt that it’s my sacred duty that came with the gift bestowed.

But now I learnt after many many “soured” relationships,I only tell them if they are open and want to know. Many empaths who became healers told me that, the need to save anyone we meet is so strong (after we knew about this gift )that we have to have boundaries. Not just for them but mainly for us and our loved ones. They told me-do what you can if they are open, if not send them love, light and blessings and trust the Universe to take care of them.

To me loving you is loving me, healing you is also healing me. Because we do have some shared beliefs/data. We are afterall connected, aren’t we?

I used to idealise people. But as I got closer, there were not as perfect I pictured them to be. And then I ran away. I do not know how to juggle the real them with the masks they showed me.

But not anymore….

Because I learnt in spite of it all, my sole duty is to love.

Love whatever I may uncover in anyone unconditionally.

Love everything and see the beauty in anything.

Because love is who you and I are meant to be.

And when it gets tough, i remind myself what Dr. Hew Len (my hooponopono teacher) told us-“Everything is data. Everything is an opportunity for you to cleanse.”

That itself is love.

But even so, I’m still human. I need lots of time, space and freedom to recharge every time.

So if I disappear, it’s not you. It’s me, I need a breather.

Being an empath is just the icing on the cake but what if one is able to see glimpses of the past, present and future too? (everyone has the gift, because we each carry many information and data in our souls wherever we go. Thats why if you seek answers, go within and you can find it).

Oh well, that will be another story for another time, perhaps…

Thank you for your understanding.

I like this article on empaths:

P.s: oh that reminds me… choose your life partner carefully because exchanging energy with each other can either be pleasurable or exhaustive. Because not only are you exchanging energy but also when two bodies sleep together, their cells are communicating and exchanging data, and some say karma are also being shared. Hmm…

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