Have I turned into a jaded frog?

I used to be
hopelessly romantic..
What have I become?
…eyeing Love suspiciously
behind draping curtains…
He is not a fraud
for he strums the guitar of my heart.
He is not a fake
for his light can be seen within.
He does not follow his masculinity blindly
for he strives to dance with his femininity.
He wore his mask
but he undress himself willingly.
In his nudity
of utmost vulnerability,
he is doing his best
to express his love for me…
and all I did was judging,
projecting unfounded fears
creating illusions of
doom in the future.

What am I afraid of?
Isn’t freedom of love
is what I seek?

Then why am I listening
to the voices in my head
who adamantly block
my heart with its beliefs,
building walls to protect
any unknown light from seeping in…
Why do I
rather stay deep
in the dark
any false entry?
This fear…
This false evidence
appearing real
is constricting me…
cutting me off
from my flow
of my righteous
Preventing me
from dancing naked
with my Love…
whose purpose is…
to breathe me back to life
And it’s infinite possibilities.

What have I become?
Musings of my heart and soul:

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