125 – When life gets darker…

What I feel like sharing….
When life felt like a downer and sunshine seems to be nonexistent, you feel as if you were being pulled back into the lands of the dark….
Breath becomes shallow, no matter how much you strive to see life as positive as you can… It still feels sappy, exhausting, meaningless, hopeless and more. 
You fell into those period of time that no one can pull you out of. Only you can save yourself this time. 
And so… 
I suggest that you incorporate these habits.
Do baby steps first. Do one habit at a time until it becomes a regular thingy. And then add more habits to inculcate. 
Set a timer or alarm for every hour from 1pm to 9pm. Put a beautiful joyous song as your alarm. 
For every 1 hour alarm…. 
    1. Take a glass of water and drink gently. Be grateful for the water and imagine how much good it does to your body. 
    2.Take 5 minutes to do a breathing exercise or meditate. 
My breathing exercise is: – 
-breathe in gently and deeply 7 counts, 
-and then hold for 7 counts, 
– breathe out gently in 7 counts 
-and dissipate as much air as possible, hold for 7 counts. 
Repeat for 7 cycles. 
    3.For 1 minute think and write down as many things you can be grateful for that day in your gratitude journal.
And  Optional: Look around you and bless the people surrounding you and in your life, in the past and present. 
That’s it. 
Eventually the cloudy days will dissipate. Your body felt happier and healthier. Mind gets clearer. And you feels recharge to be your joyous, vibrant self. 
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