121 – Leaving behind

What I feel like saying…
Often when we have kids, we started thinking what are we gonna leave them with?
A legacy in a form of what? 
To me… 
A legacy is something (can be property, money, habits, beliefs, lessons, experiences shared, memories and many more) that you leave behind to your loved ones or even the world, when you depart.
Even if you are currently single and wish to stay that way with no offsprings, you can still leave a legacy.
I’ve known life is unpredictable since my grandparents passed on, when I was a student. And I often think hard about what I wish to leave behind. And after giving birth, it became a mandate.
Even more so when mom passed on last year.
Though many may not understand the legacy I’m leaving behind, I won’t worry much about that. What matters most is my two sons understood me.
I hope to leave a trail of empowering words, deeds and adventure… 
And I hope even after I’m gone, decades and even generations after, my words are still empowering and useful in someone’s life.
That’s it.
What about you?
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