122 – What is life truly about?

What is life all about?
I asked my kids to write an essay on this. And it made me rethink my perspectives on it.
What is life all about?
Is it about passing exams in school and getting good grades?
Is it about getting a degree to get a good job, after?
Is it about earning 5/6 figure income…
Or buying that dream house?
Is it all about paying our dues for our existence…
Or more?
Do we spend more than 8 hours of our lives, one third of our everyday just to earn money to pay bills and that survivor /fancy lifestyle?
Is that all there is?
Are we doing everything we can to survive?
That’s it?
Will that be enough?
Did we give birth to new generations so that they can survive or thrive? 
And we passed on our lifestyle and knowledge from experiences to them, in hope that is enough. 
Do we taught them the true meaning of life? 
And what is that, actually? 
What is the true meaning of life? 
When I was a child, I was taught that living on earth was a test. Its not my true home. I had to do good deeds to earn my place in PARADISE. Struggle is good. Pain is good. This showed that I’m on the right path to Paradise. That is the eternal home. 
I was never happy. Because I wanted to wait. Wait till I reach Paradise. Life became a struggle. I did not take time to celebrate for fear it being a distraction to my path of Paradise. 
And I was never present. I wanted to go Paradise so badly that I was never present in the Now. And everyday became a misery for me. 
Those “truths” they told me no longer worked for me. I had to find my own way of motivating myself to cherish life and it’s beauty. 
What about you? 
What is life truly all about? 
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