103 – Other realm

What I feel like saying….
This may be a bit woowoo for some. But I’m gonna share it anyway.
My spontaneous travels have gotten me in deep dark forests and many more.
Growing up as a Muslim, I was taught a simple prayer everywhere I go. We called it basmalah. Its meaning is- in the name of God…
So whatever we do, go… in our everyday, we begin with the Almighty’s name. And then we surrender the rest to Him. 
I know that every religion has its own prayers. So use what feels right to you. 
When I was in a religious phase and learning much about the Quran to be a teacher and such, i learnt much about healing and the other entity. 
Anything that is not human or animals and is difficult to be categorised , I categorise it as Jin (genie). 
Do note, I have no aspiration to learn spiritual nor be a healer in this stage. Just wanna be a paradise dweller in hereafter.
So, wherever I go, and especially whenever I have goosebumps about another’s presence that cannot be explained, I will recite whatever prayer I knew to ask for protection from higher power.
This is crucial to places where not many humans reside. Such as deep dark forests, deep oceans and seas and beaches.. 
And when I was a teenager and my friends love to roam about and explore our country, I was often brought to haunted places that have been abandoned like old hospitals etc.
And I say a little prayer whenever I have the shivers in such places.
Because in places there were not many human activities, other entity lives. And I’ve heard stories whereby deep oceans and forests held their great kingdoms.
And as a spontaneous traveller. I’m just a visitor. I don’t normally bring back anything with me. I just leave my footprints and leave everything be.
And whenever I threw or skip some stones in rivers or seas, I say a little prayer. Or even take a bath or do my “thing” in them. Because they can see us but we cannot.
What I’ve learnt is that they are fast beings. They move at super fast speed. And they can slow down for us to see them if they want to. And they can reside within our beings. They enter thru our blood stream.
The other entity can look like us. They can live hundreds and thousands of years. They can be invisible to our eyes and also visible if they want to.
Often they are afraid of us as much as we are of them. People are often afraid of what they do not know. The same for them.
If ever they harm us is because we “trespass” their properties or we had caused some harm to their land or family/community.
For example, when we camp, we do our “toilet” in the wild. We pee at trees or rocks… Which can be their homes or even their families. And they retaliate.
Or when we throw stones in the river, we might hit some of them invisible to our eyes. That’s why I say a little prayer to protect me from them and vice versa. I do not wish to harm anyone or anything especially what I cannot see.
I believe in fairy tales as a child and I believed there are many things some of us have seen and cannot explained. 
Why do I believe in things unseen? Cos I’ve seen them. Not boldly. Mainly in dreams or when they pretend to be like humans.
So my advice to other travellers, say a little prayer in whatever you do. You never know what you are gonna meet. You don’t have to be religious to be protected by the higher power. (I believe the Universe is beyond our definition of unconditional love and that everyone deserves protection whenever they asked for it. 
I’ve seen something that looked like mermaid but my mind cannot register what it, was and as soon as it appeared, I forgot what it looked like. It felt like a short dream but when I looked back, I saw my mom had the same astonished look in her face and we never spoke a word about it, ever… unsure why.)
As a world traveller, I treat myself as a visitor.
Everywhere I go… be it, known or unknown exotic lands, nothing is mine to be claimed. I’m just here to explore and observed. What cannot be explained is just, more miracles unfolded that are shared to me by the Universe and I’m thankful.
Allah ‘alam. I shared whatever I knew and experienced thru my lenses. 
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