From the hustle bustle of the Square 2 Mall during lunch hour, one cannot miss the blatant yellow signage “OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE” at its café entrance. Its calm demeanour presence of nostalgic memories seems to linger in the air as the patrons were busy queuing up for the lunch chow down. 

OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE has turned “halal” in Singapore, a month ago. “We strive to ensure the strictest guidelines are enforced when it comes to providing halal-certified food and beverages to our Muslim patrons…” -spells out their integrity on Halal certification.

There are 8 outlets of OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE cafes in Singapore, and that adds to the boastful total of 202 outlets in Malaysia, 11 outlets in Indonesia, and 4 outlets in China, as of today.

Their instant coffee products are sold all over the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, United Kingdom, Australia and China.

OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE has also won many awards and accolades. Among them are the International Franchisor of the Year 2011 which was conferred by the Franchising & Licensing Association of Singapore for outstanding system and concept in the area of franchising. The other, more recently was the double win of Franchisor of the Year 2012 and International Franchisor of the Year 2012 conferred by the Malaysian Franchise Association, for system and growth into the international markets.

OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE synonym with the “kopitiam” (a fusion of Malay and Chinese word: “Kopi” in Malay meant “coffee” and “Tiam” is Chinese dialect word for “shop”) that serves the old styled local breakfast of half-boiled eggs, toasted bread with kaya spread and delightful robust coffee in the early morning days. Now these are being served everywhere throughout the whole day.

“Kopitiams” are favourite haunts for Singaporeans and Malaysians alike to take time out to engage in simple pleasures of conversational updates, gossips and chill-out time with family, friends and loved ones. This goes well with their favourite motto- “Where life is happy because we take our time.”

That itself is a message to encourage living life from a slower pace, indulging in its every moments with much happiness, love and passion. Taking time to savour life’s every fleeting seconds in enjoyment.

Their “famed” signature white coffee originated from Ipoh is what sets them apart from their competitors. White coffee in this entity does not mean the white as in colour visual aspect. But mainly due to ‘their proprietary roasting process and special recipe.’

Upon entering this bustling branch, one would expect the quaint old rickety stools with white round marble tables and a waft of freshly roasted coffee beans with fresh aroma of bread being baked in the kitchen as a norm in a “kopitiam” décor. But none of that is present.

A modern café look with sleek white clean decor that perks up the restless eyes. OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE has successfully merged the old and new together to create a vibrant splash of freshness in its own unique way. Both old and new crowd will be welcomed by their wooden “kopitiam” style bar chairs and tables, classic sleek arm chairs and not forgetting the diner styled benches with flashy red leathery cushion.

Its brightly lit ambience also adds up to the modern touch for this newly revamped brand. Patrons are busy indulging in their favourite OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE signature dishes; Malaysian’s well known street fare (mostly originating in Ipoh).


Clockwise (from top right hand corner): OLDTOWN Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun, Supreme Curry Mee, OLDTOWN Asam Laksa and Supreme Nasi Lemak. 

Every silky smooth but non-brittle noodle strand seeks an opportunity to bask in the comfort broth of the popular OLDTOWN Ipoh Chicken Hor fun. It is a hot favourite with families and especially kids.

Supreme Nasi Lemak; the fragrant pandan and mesmerizing coconut milk rice with extravagant array of side dishes neatly placed in a gigantic white ceramic plate looked ravenously gorgeous. Not forgetting the special sweet and tender “sambal sotong” (cured cuttlefish) and its rich caramelised “rendang” chicken, an added bonuses for those who craved for the authentic Malaysian Nasi Lemak.

OLDTOWN thick sourish Asam Laksa is a splendid delight with the thick gooey prawn paste (petis udang) as optional topping or an added mix for the inquisitive palate. Steam Rice with Ginger Chicken (only cooked upon order) has a unique immersion of flavours deeply seated in each grain of rice with chunks of chicken leg meat and slices of ginger clearly seen.

OLDTOWN egg noodles with generous heaps of minced chicken… is another simple delight with subtle flavours. These are just some of the colourful Malaysian dishes that stood boldly in the extensive menu.


Clockwise (from top right hand corner): OLDTOWN White Coffee, Kaya and Butter Toast (Double), Omega Soft Boiled Eggs on Toast and OLDTOWN French Toast.

The traditional toast of butter and kaya are also in the menu with new insertions of soft but slightly crisp ala garlic bread. Not forgetting the high quality Omega eggs used for the soft boiled eggs menu. Another highly anticipation of quality and taste in every slurp and bite.

Set meals are proper bargains with generous servings and delicious beverages match. One will never expect an icy drink like Organic Spirulina Orange Juice (orangey fruity blast with added pure organic Spirulina) amidst these caffeinated drinks. Even popular beverages like iced coffee and signature freezys are omni present in its menu to entice younger crowd. A mixed reactions of concocted crumbled oreo cookies, mocha and foamy spiralling fresh cream decorated on top.

To finish, there’s always Cendol, the prized desert, tiny to some in serving size but definitely satisfaction aglow as they use the authentic “gula Melaka” in its ingredients. In spite of its burly shaven ice, it definitely brings back those nostalgic moments of time-out, a private personal indulgence of “ME” time.

Whatever your intention is to visit this well-known OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE café, do remember to take your time to savour their food and ambience with your loved ones. OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE is a strong contender in presenting the best of halal Malaysian delicacies under one roof in Singapore, for now.

(Square 2 branch)

Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive,
Singapore 307506

Phone: +65 6397 7078
Fax: +65 6397 6762

Nearest MRT: Novena MRT station
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 8.00am – 10.00pm

Official Website
Click here for Menu.
OLDTOWN Outlets in Singapore.

Heartfelt Gratitude:
To the amazing electrifying duo: Mr William and Ms Hamirah for facilitating us in this, alongside the fantabulous smiles and warm hospitality of the hardworking staff (especially Stella, Airin and Sherry).

And not forgetting the passionate WHQ team for a job well done and especially the awesome fans who were present to show their endless support throughout the years!

Thank you! Mere words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.


Writer & Photographer: Lina Masrina (aka Putri Berendam)

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