What is distant/distance healing?

Or *proxy healing…

I will do my best to explain thru my understanding.

When two (or more) set intentions to heal through each others’ process, the Divine will always fulfill and “connects” them (body, heart, mind and soul).

From what I’ve learnt, everything is energy and we are all connected.

As for those who believed in law of attraction, you understood that even thoughts and intentions are energy (our daily lives are the result of our manifestations).

and since everything is energy, thus distance is no barrier. In fact, it may also be an illusion.

Let’s start with mothers. No matter where their kids are, mothers always have these invisible “connections” with them. If they truly open their intuitive side, they can feel how the kids feel and know where they are and what they are doing at that moment (fathers also have this gift, I’ve seen fathers who have these gifts and are very much connected to their kids)

Its like there are this invisible thread/cord connecting her to them regardless where they are (and some say even in different dimensions).

Ok, when you think of someone/some peeps, don’t he/she/they normally call you or send you text messages? Why?

Because its energy. And everyone can “feel” it (in their own unique ways although some may not be aware).

For me, everyone has this connection. We each have this thread or cord. And when we allow, we can connect almost to anything and everything. If one knew about remote viewing, then you understand that everyone has this gift (but don’t overstep others’ personal boundaries).

For me to “heal” someone (I’m just a guide/facilitator, the rest is your doing with the Divine)….

firstly i need their PERMISSION. Why? Because not everyone is READY..

I have been asked numerous times to help heal others “quietly” (without them knowing)…but i have to say no.

I understood those who have experienced the miracles of healing and wanted to share with their loved ones especially those terminally ill.

I understand that. I truly do. I have family members who were skeptical, in fact, I was one of them!

For me back then, nothing that was mentioned in religion, I put them aside regardless how miraculous they may seems.

And although I’ve witnessed myriad healers in this lifetime, growing up, I always draw the line between my beliefs and them for fear I fall into the trap of one of my religion’s biggest sin-Shirk (in my understanding is believing something/someone is more powerful than the Divine, God, Creator etc and seek help from them).

Fear can cause limitations. Prevent me from being open.

But eversince, I’ve lost everything once upon a time and has nothing more to lose, i was open.

I began experimenting with my own healing (my own illusions of-all broken up, putting my pieces of self together including heart and soul) and somehow I ended up healing others (as I progress well in my own healing), my limitations became thrash.

As I witness more souls being liberated of “dis-eases of mind, heart, soul and body” and were “reborn” again whole and complete…

i noticed that we are all whole complete and perfect in the first place. We “adopted” this “something wrong with me” thru -our surroundings, beliefs we picked up as we grew up, the people we mingle with and their “stories” and many more.

I’m just cleaning that, removing the blocks and barriers for you to heal. Like cleaning a mirror.

and I ONLY will heal with PERMISSION.

Sometimes our individual journeys have “peeled” various layers of our onion skins and our understanding of the world became clearer (reminded of what we were told when we came to earth) but that does not mean, our loved ones embrace the same.

We each wore different lenses of perspectives. No two life journeys are ever the same. May be similar but never the same.

What we mostly do not understand, creates FEAR. They rather clutch to this fear than jumping into the unknown, its ok. Our maturity of souls differs. Our soul contracts differs as well.

When they are READY, the right people will be there for them.

You may think that it can be too late. But do note that every soul came here for a different purpose. And some are beyond our comprehension.

Just send love to everyone as each of us are doing our best to live our lives the way we know how.

So they may not understand your kind intentions but the Divine does. Just pray that they became more open.

Without permissions, all we can do is send love and picture them in robust good health. That is our gifts.

Everyone can heal anyone. First step is to open your heart and send some love with intentions of the person being healed. Imagine them receiving these love wherever whenever.

And always imagine they recover and became better and better as days go by.


*proxy healing for me-I will be “connecting” with you (with your permission of course) and I will “release” whatever “stories” or emotions that you have stored within your self.

It’s like two souls reaching out to connect and heal together. After the session, i break the “connection”. That’s it.

Fyi- this is an explanation of distant/distance healing

Just note that whoever or whatever healing you go to, always trust your instincts, go for healers you trust with your heart and those who have integrity.

and if you are still skeptical about energy healing… then notice how electricity flows into your homes, and how you got connected to your loved ones thru phones, skype video etc… how is this possible?

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