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What a QUACKY spicy day!

KHAN restaurant Location: 149 dunlop street (moved to a bigger premise on 126 Dunlop street) Only every TUESDAY!! tel:98534640/62963518 (call to book ur duck curry b4 coming to collect!) Sorry RAMADAN month- no DUCK! (After raya, insya-Allah have, call firstlah) Watched me featured it on TV. DUCK breast DUCK THIGH! HABIS!(finished!) If u had read my […]

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Iftar at Sakunthalas

Update 2009-This restaurant has moved to a location opposite Mustafa Cafe. This wet towel DEFINITELY must pay @20 cents each…Is this complimentary? Hmm, need to check the receipt…Normally in restaurants, must pay..Complimentary sky juice (no need to order drinks also can!)Nice warm bandung (hehe! The ice has not chilled the drink)Hotplate Pepper mutton.Nice!the lemon chicken

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