Spiritual Heart

Why the heart?

why do you want to heal the heart, Lina?

I got these questions often…

Aside from me picking up the pieces of my “broken heart”…. and learning as much to heal it….in this life…

I have other reasons. My travels unfolds many discoveries unexpectedly not just my own but others.

And growing up, issues of the hearts has always been shared to me be it from elders, relatives, friends or even strangers.

Heart to me is not just the physical heart but there is also a “spiritual heart”….

Heart is like the second brain. It has intelligence we are not aware of.

Do watch this to understand more…

i hope one day all of us will remember to live from the heart.

And thru the heart we can communicate openly to anyone regardless of our differences of languages, cultures, including time and distance.

And with it, love will definitely flourish and flow.

We shall become happier, healthier and more abundant alongside peaceful and harmonious with everything and everyone.

That’s my wish for the world.

So why not start with the heart?

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