Sisters, where’s your boundaries?

Sisters, where are your boundaries?

I remembered months ago, I taught my kids about boundaries and how they should respect their own and others. 

And as they both brothers were jostling each other and drawing their own boundaries like a game, they often kept me in awe whenever these “lessons” taught will be preached back at me.

Recently. I was on “moon time” (menses) and I was disarrayed at the many things I have to do.

The youngest came home from school and came chirping in asking what’s for lunch and thinking of all sorts of menu, a hungry tummy deserved.

Meanwhile, I was doing my bestest to “fulfill” what my sons desire and at the same time the 1001 things to do in my head.

I managed somehow but I became irritated by the slightest mistakes or mess they made. 

My eldest came back and told me to rest and cool down. My youngest kept quiet thinking he was at fault for making me irritated. It was terribly awkward.

Later when I have “cooled down”, the youngest said to me… “Mommy, why didn’t you set your boundaries? Why didn’t you say no to me? I can make my own food.” …he said with a smile.

I looked at him, heart felt touched and wondering how did they grew up so fast. 

So my question for you too is…

Where are your boundaries? Are you able to say NO to your loved ones?

Or you rather “betray” yourself for the sake of others?

Are you going to continue…

Breaking all boundaries you set for yourself and just sacrifice yourself to make everyone happy (except you)….

Keep giving until you cannot give anymore. I did that many times and one day, I just cannot get up.


We are known to be the giver. But that does not mean, we are meant to give away our lives too. 

Stand up for you. Then, will others stand for you. 

Make time in your life for you then will others make time for you. Don’t keep giving and hoping that others will return you that TLC and  be a beggar of Love. The love you are looking for is you.

I kept giving, giving and giving and it was never enough and ended up, one day, I cannot get up. I got so sick. My body gave way and no longer can tolerate this “giving”… I did not even save some love for myself.

That was a close call for me.

I thought I was done for.

What about yourself? When will you draw the line? When will you set your boundaries? Everything need balance. 

If you need to give, give to yourself first. Give love to you first. When you are loved, your surroundings are loved. When you are happy, your surroundings are happy.

Don’t be a martyr. Don’t choose to be a candle. Be the Sun.

I love you,

Take care.


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