Setting healthy boundaries is not rejection…

It’s LOVE.

Dear Women (including me),

After one opens the door of forgiveness and welcomes the men with love…..

All types of men will come rushing in especially from the past. They got attracted by this sweet addictive nectar that you exude in your essence…

Its magnetic. Yes! This is where it gets challenging…

It can be another test leading to further unfoldment of love within. A test of self love. Whether you will stand your ground and love them unconditionally without having to sacrifice yourself or anyone.

There is a difference in being a candle of love and sun of love.

Candle of love is limited and one is sacrificing self to bring light, warmth and love to others.

Being the sun of love, one continues shining no matter what, with love. Because deep within there is a never-ending well of love that constantly supplies itself. One just need to be aware and open it.

And the ones who are ready to be the suns will come forward and learn.

I used to be a fixer upper kind of woman. My heart grew soft for people who needs help. Because I personally get to feel what they feel (as an empath and Indigo child).

There are two kinds of people who will come to you in every corner of your life.

Victims and warriors.

Victims feel that everything and everyone is to be blame for their plight and they seek solutions on the outer to remedy the pain which is often temporary.

Warriors take 100% responsibilities in their own lives and everything they encounter, they look within for answers. Their relationships with God and the Universe is akin to their oneness of soul, body, heart and mind.

And sometimes, when it’s too challenging, they ask for guides of love to help them.

But even so, with guides helping them, they often check in with their higher selves to ensure what was imparted is in sync with their own path.

Victims and warriors can be detected almost immediately.

Victims have an odour of helplessness in their vulnerability. And no matter what you give them, they reacted like it’s not good enough. They need something powerful as an antidote to the senseless pain while holding onto their “victim stories”. Their replies are often-I already knew that.

They go from one guide to another seeking the ultimate antidote whereas the antidote is within them.

Warriors have this sense of calmness within that has hope that everything will be alright no matter what. As student of life (no matter how “enlightened” they may be), they are humble,open and curious and yet they respect what was given and learn/unlearn at their own pace. They knew the answers are within and the guides are just acting as mirrors.

Victims soaked up the energy of the people around them, as much as they can to bring back their lives to “normal” again. One will be low after being with them for a few minutes. And the toxicity of their languages can be seen in their conversations, body language etc-always blaming someone else for their plights.

Warriors have their own energy that they charge on their own with elements of nature and positive thoughts. And they constantly exudes love and inspiration everywhere they go no matter how low and vulnerable they can be.

So setting healthy boundaries is an art of true love to self…

Which group of people will you say yes to, everyday?

If unsure, check with your heart and ask. Is he/she great for my highest good?

Personally, I choose my own soulmates clients.

I listen with no judgement and at the end of every story, I seek the voice within if I can be of any guidance to that person.

If yes, I will say yes to working with him/her.

If not, I shall bid him/her goodbye with reference to other guides or I ask God to take over.

Business is easier than personal relationships.

For women, when love sets in, they might be willing to go through heaven and hell for that lucky man. But make sure he too is willing to do the same.

For you are a Goddess, thus you don’t need a “normal” man, you need a warrior of life and love.

Remember if he hurts you, body, heart mind and soul regardless what fancy labels you gave him, including twin flames, soulmates etc…

Come back home.

Come back to self.
Love yourself, fully.

For no one is worthy of your love other than yourself.

Stop giving it away.
(I’ve recently watched “Mother” the movie and that describes well what lovers often do-sacrifice everything to give their partners but themselves in the name of love. That is unhealthy. It’s a pattern that destructs)

And once you are comfy with your own abundance of love, the people around you change including the challenging men, women partner or even your family members.

Say No, with love and set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Remember, you can choose to be the candle or the sun of love. What will it be?

Take care.
I love you.

p.s: Thank you Shane, for reminding me that setting healthy boundaries is not REJECTION.

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