Releasing your emotions

Never sleep with anger or any emotions that may not be positive for you.

Digest them and release them asap, before sleeping.

Digest to me are feeling them fully and “process” within minutes before releasing them to the Universe.

This is important because like the law of attraction, emotions are very powerful “magnet”. If unprocessed and left within you while asleep, you may attract whatever unwanted manifestations in the same threshold of energy within. And it only took 16 seconds to “attract”.

ok, a quickie way to “process” emotions is to ask questions:

1) First feel the emotion fully. For example anger. What are you angry for? Who or what are you angry at? From level 1-10, rate the intensity of anger. Answer them with “I feel angry… instead of I am angry…”

Feel the angry like a clenched fist. Indulge in it for a second. Be with it. Do not control but unleashed it, feel it.

2) Then notice in your mind’s eye, what colour is the anger, the texture, is it rough or smooth? How heavy, in kilos? Whats the temperature like, cold or hot? Notice where it reside within you, is it in the heart, back, shoulders etc

3) Close your eyes and imagine that you are communicating with this anger. Ask for any messages. Listen to whatever that may come up. Listen with no judgements.

When its done sharing. Say thank you and ask, any more? Once its complete sharing all the messages, ask-Can i release you now? If yes, say thank and bid that emotion farewell.

If no, ask why and let it voice out/ express itself more… eventually, the emotion will be satisfied and go.

imagine a door opened and the emotion flew out.

4) Check the body where the anger reside, often there is lightness/relief and joy.

That’s it.

Note: while feeling emotions like anger and sadness, for some people, they need to vent it out like “punch it out on the punching bag” or shout and scream their sadness on a pillow etc. Whatever feels right, follow own intuition to deal with own emotions.

When involving others especially with people we lived under the same roof in-If possible, solve it asap on the same day with another person if it involves them.

Don’t accumulate these anger/ sorrow etc, its not healthy. Our body has a way of showing them up in the “hospital bill” one day if neglected.

What these emotions need is just a mere 5 seconds of fame /acknowledgement.

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