Psychic visions- a gift ?

As an empath and indigo child, I used to hide my “powers”, growing up.

It will not go away but instead grew stronger and will “break out” of its hiding and go rampantly wild, showcasing some major intimate bits about strangers and people in my vicinity… They are called psychic visions (a brief understanding here:

Past, present, future visions, death date, diseases, major secrets that will crash lives and many more “hidden” knowings will show up uninvited … in as vivid and colourful ways that can soak all my senses as if i was a part of it.

I stopped doing that. Now I embrace everything that comes to me as a blessing and do my best to reveal (if needed be) to whoever matters, the best I can.

And ever since I was on a personal spiritual journey, I gather that everyone has this “powers”.

Only empaths are much more open to them.

And I begin to understand that these gifts have responsibilities tied to them. A Mission of Love as a part of its own message.

And as a part of my Mission statement in spreading love wherever I go…

I’m sharing with you the unleashing of these amazing powers within…

This is one way we can come home …and embrace our “powers”…

We can do this to ourselves (just say-please reveal to me what I need to know for my highest good) , our families, our colleagues, or even strangers…

P.s: And if you need a reading, ask and be open to it. I give a free one time (5-10mins reading worth $50) reading to anyone I meet.

Because I believe every meeting is a synchronicity and not a coincidence. Every meet up is already preplanned by souls before they were born on earth. To awaken us and reminded us to be on our true path for the highest good of all.

Note: I also do distance reading. But that is a different process, a deeper one which I have included in my services on my site:

And do note that: I can also say no wherever and whenever… if it does not feel good/ right… to give the readings.

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