New Season coming up soon- Ramadan 2010 Series

Before I snuggled myself in the comforts of my beloved country and laid to rest my jetlagging limbs, I realised…
With less than 2 weeks, Ramadan will soon embrace us. And so , I shall take this opportunity to showcase some delightful promotions so that you can preplan your Ramadan breaking feast with your loved ones in advance.

Any fascinating Ramadan promotions are welcome as long they are HALAL certified or in muslim-owned establishments. 

Anyone interested to partake in the Ramadan food write up series, do contact me with detailed info of the Ramadan promotions. I shall be looking forward to your lovely invites and its my great pleasure to be in the loving arms of charming and gorgeous food and not forgetting the silky embraced of loving hospitality. 

Thank you. 


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