Love Journal-He only loves you as much as he loves himself.

One of my meditation coach taught me to forgive others who have left an imprint on my life-the not happy ones or shall I say my “karmic” mates.

She said these people are doing their best to live their life and they can only love you as much as they love themselves. So send them light and blessing and pray that they love themselves even more and their loved ones as well.

Interesting, I thought. I never see it that way until it was “enlightened” to me.

Looking back-Its true, I often “chased” those people whom I’m attracted to, to love me the way I want to be loved. The mutual liking was there but it’s not of the same level on both sides.

It’s not that I did not put in effort on the romantic creative loving way. I did but either it fell flat or the enthusiasm ended the same day it was created.

And as I noticed the pattern, yes indeed, these people have trouble accepting love for themselves or show love on themselves.

The tell tale signs were present on the first day we met. And yet, I assume it was his “humble” side.

To juggle between narcissism and “martyrdom” is not easy. To love oneself extremely or to put the love outside themselves without having a sip of it is also torturous.

And to end this post, I played a part as well. We attract what’s within on the outside world.

I noticed my heart chakra was also closed (thank you Coach Sarah for highlighting that) and so I was guided to do a heart-opening to love meditation. It is so simple even the kids can do this. (My brother another inspirational guide taught me its basics)

We need our hearts to be open to let love in.

Towards the opening of my heart, fully….

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