Love is a powerful healer

“Love is the most powerful healing energy and catalyst for transformation. Our inability to love ourselves or to receive love from others is the source of most of our maladies. Our difficulties with love often result from early childhood experiences or perceptions of betrayal, abandonment, humiliation, or rejection, which lead to feelings of unworthiness, shame, and guilt.

These deep-seated feelings result in a sense of separation from self, from one’s own body and spirit, and from other people. While this perceived separation may at first be the psyche’s effort to defend itself from fear, isolation, and pain, it eventually becomes the source of continual feelings of separation, alienation, and anxiety….” Dr Laskow

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I never wanted to be a healer…or facilitate healing or do anything with healing…

I was petrified with the idea of being healers because I’ve witness many healers facing and healing people in illness and pain when young. And I believe healers have extraordinary strength and courage to witness and help as many as they can. I don’t think I want to even be in that position.

I grew up observing as much from my surroundings because I see the world differently than normal and knew things before they happened…

And so when one is unwell, I not only can see the in-depth wound but feel the hidden pain as well and it’s excruciating for a child to experience all these beyond 3d.

It was told and suggested to me in numerous occasions that my heritage, genes etc may include healing skills since that’s what my ancestors did.

I decided not to know more.

I ignored them all. Even when I chanced upon strangers telling me the same.

I’m an intuitive empath. A sensitive being who can feel the world around me.

I cannot be in the hospital premises because I feel everyone’s pain. Now that I can “shield”, I still choose to avoid going to these places.

I started opening up to the healing world when my own health was questioned. Mine was not the regular dis-ease but mainly derived from emotional and heart matters.

And I started healing my own heart with love.

And as I healed, I met people going through similar journey and seek solutions.

I shared mine and eventually there is a pool of urgency in that specialisation.

Love can heal anything and everything…

I’ve experienced it.
And I’ve witnessed it.

This is for those skeptics out there…

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