Live with an open heart.

The world is nothing but an illusion. Everything is up to our interpretation.

Everyone has a sphere of their own reality. And when we converge, we seek that similarities or see each other as separate individualities.

Do we not feel pain when another was hurt although there were no ties between us and distances of oceans and continents of separation?

Did you not cry (or your heart weeps) watching a natural disaster that happen to fellow humans?

What was that? That is Love. There is no separation. If we live with an open heart, we can feel one another. And that is enough.

To ignore that gift is a limitation we impose upon ourselves.

The next time, you see a stranger, the closest one to you be it on a train, bus or even your neighbour… for a second, open your heart and feel him or her.

Once you got that subtle array of emotions arise within you. Be with it/them. And when you want to end it, Say-thank you. I feel you. I love you.

Send him/ her energy of love from the heart as a gift of goodbye. That is the blessings of being human.

Experience that magical oneness even for a mere second.

Your life will magically transformed once you start living with an open heart.


p.s: Why this exercise? Often people felt alone and separated and many felt invisble and not being heard… all these illusions of separations can cause a lot of
“dis-eases” of the mind, body, heart and even soul. And these will lead to challenges we created ourselves.

So when you do feel all alone, helpless and no one to support you, do this… this will reclaim your love of being one.

We are all connected.
we are LOVE.

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