How do I find out my Soul Purpose?

Everyday, I “travel” within and with-out because I knew that the Universe is constantly showing me something , so i can learn/unlearn more about myself, life and everything else.

And wherever I go, I love to chat with the locals. And 1 question stood tall amongst the many questions asked- How do you know what your soul purpose is?

I said i don’t know. I’m just doing whatever makes me happy. And as i do more of that, more doors open and I see more paths of clarity and more likeminded souls going the same way.

And travel fill me with joy regardless of whether I’m happy, sad, angry whatever… traveling makes me happy.

I’m not just saying wandering about in a foreign country but exploration is an everyday activity i love.

And if you are truly clueless, just follow your joy…

As you embrace them more and more, the soul will guide you deeper and deeper and you will see the beauty of its details…

For me, i love to travel! Travel is part of my purpose…

And this is what travel means to me…

Travel in the name of Love ..

“Every country
I visited reflected
back a part of me
that was forgotten,

It deepened
my self belief
and coloured
my Essence

I believed
I’ve been
to all these
places before,

I’m just retracking
my footsteps,

While navigating
the forgotten
paths of my past,

And observing
the infinite
of choices
widening and
opening its
Doors of choices
before me,

While traveling
the world
outside of me,

I’m actually
my inner world.

These journeys
are the maps
of my soul.

I’m truly grateful,”

-Lina Masrina.

I expect to complete exploring 196 countries in this lifetime… while sharing what gifts I have and have learnt or unlearnt.

Its something i’m willing to do for free, regardless if i have lots of money or none, my feet will still be so happy to wander about and travel. Spontaneous exploration is feeding my endless innate curiousity.

The thought of it just drives me with much enthusiasm that charges me so much energy and joy which becomes a passionate dance of life for me. I can do this alone, with loved ones, with strangers … the possibilities are endless.

The thought of not knowing what’s gonna happen is the deliciousness of it all. And having faith is the glue to the unknown of every adventure.

How to manifest your purpose?
Love… is the most powerful tool in manifesting, healing and empowering. Its abundant, infinite and exist in everything..

So what are you passionate about?
what are you always day dreaming about?
what are you willing to do for FREE?
what are you enthusiastic to share with the world?
if you have all the money in the world, what will you do?
Imagine-when you are at your deathbed, what is the one thing you wished you do?

what makes you feel ALIVE?

Ask and the answers will appear.

Are you brave enough to LISTEN?


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