Journey of a newbie Podcaster #8 :Editing with audacity

I took me 4 hours to record one episode over and over again 6X, including intro and outro (30 – 45 secs voice clip to insert in every episodes before the beginning and the ending). I wasn’t throughly impressed by my own attempts.

My “perfectionist” side wanted me to edit again and again till the next day, but my butt was tired of sitting and legs tired of standing in 1 position, my voice is hoarse, and I’m bored. 4 hours?!?

Because this is my new attempt at audacity. It took me awhile to figure it out. Can be quite intimidating at first looking at the software itself not knowing where to start.

If you have done video editing on Mac or Windows, this is somewhat similar.

This youtube vid helps me lots. (Thanks Pat Flynn)

I fiddled with my voice and audacity amp, I also came across this….

I’ve only attempt on the clipping voice, change the amp, add the tunes bought from audio jungle to sync and fade. It took me another 4 hours just to sync the intro with the music.

Truly hats off to the editors of the world. How meticulously detailed they have to be to provide us the best music, podcast, shows and more.

I know I’m a bit behind in my 4th episode. The outline and recording has been done. But very amateurish not professional at all. But then again, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

Doing this podcast, at first I was afraid. I felt cringy listen to my own voice. I’m comfy in writing out but using voice to spread my message is truly new for this introvert.

Of course my head has a million excuses why I should not attempt doing it at all and looking like a fool. But I already say Yes, so let’s just move forward, silly or not.

Over all the recording is fun. The editing is tedious. Taking a toll on me. But I believe with time, I will be able to edit faster and better.

What I did:

  1. “Soundproof” my room with closing windows, add blankets or carpets, or record in my closet. I chose night time when my kids were away. I also snuffled the door with rags.
  2. I download audacity, a free audio editing program for Windows.
  3. Plug in my Samson Q2U microphone and Audio-Technica headphone.
  4. Make myself comfy with a big tumbler of water nearby.
  5. Ready to record voice, turn off all appliances that made noise like fans, and stay away from refrigerator or coolers or aircon.
  6. Have my intro or episodes script at hand. I use my phone notes.
  7. I then record my voices over and over again with audacity. Doing my best to sound calm, happy and with a smile. I laughed a few times when I got too serious and do some breathing exercises at breaks and begin again.
  8. After feeling a little bit satisfied, I stopped. Too tired to edit. I kept the tools gently in the boxes and then Zzzz.
  9. I bought music from audio jungle and edit in the next few days when I feel happy.

Till next time…

What about you?

Wanna attempt at podcasting?



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