I don’t like to go to the zoo…

I don’t like to watch tv (including horror or gory themes movie) nor do I like to go to the zoo (despair looms about the inner state of the animals which can be picked up easily by empaths).

And why I prefer to sleep alone on a big bed… regardless if I’m single or duo or …. (we absorb our partners’ energies like sponges. Its never about the snorings. Its deeper than that.)

And why some countries I visited like Poland, Jerusalem and many more left a deep feeling of trauma and pain… that I need to “heal” from…(which took months/years).

Is because…

Being a psychic empath, I feel everything deeply…and it feels like there is no “OFF button” (but its possible)

I wear my heart on my sleeves. I cannot tolerate people lying to me. Sometimes we freeze

I turned people off with my “truth” with what I see and feel around me.

Back then, I was not able to communicate clearly to my loved ones and I often got into trouble with my words…spoken and not.

There were many incidents I can share…but these two seemed appropriate now.

One was…

When a friend of mine had an affair with a married man while his wife was laying in bed in a hospital awaiting to give birth…

I went bonkers!

I felt everything clearly as if I was the one they both cheated on (the experience was so intense that i can feel them including the wife and the unborn child)

I have difficulty expressing it out that everything went berserk within me and I fell ill.

The friendship of twenty years started to deteriorate after that…

And I learnt to choose the people around me wisely after that.

Second incident was…

Twice I was a teacher. And for both parts, being an empath has helped me greatly.

One was in Primary and the other in Secondary schools.

This new school I was sent to has a Principal that everyone (including teachers) dislike and scared of.

The school has many “active students” that may seem ADHD and the teachers were truly stressed out.

I did not get a good first impression. I wanted to shake hands with the Principal but she declined because she is someone who is very hygienic and used lots of antiseptic hand wash/creams.

As the senior teachers filled me in on what to do and what not to do and how to avoid the Principal, I learnt as much but was not really bothered by it.

I was more concerned about the 40 “monkeys” (the students were out of control and i jokingly called them that) i somewhat “inherited” from the previous form teacher.

I felt my students and their restlessness. I felt them “caged” and lonely in their environment.

These kids were international students with busy parents handed them $50 daily just for pocket money but they were often left alone.

So devoid of love, care and attention, they acted out in class. I was able to “tame” them eventually and not just that…

I got a “small moment” with the Principal and we became “close” that she actually reached out to shake my hands and shared some “personal secrets” with me.

She also complimented me in front of the teachers twice (which she never did to any new teachers).

And challenges occured soon enough…

Suddenly it felt like i was public enemy no.1… even my close new teachers avoided me thinking I was a two faced, boot licking “spy” or something…

But nevertheless, when I do leave, I felt satisfied that I was able to make friends with my students and the so called “challenging and scary” Principal.

They were actually amazing people beneath. And I won’t know if I’m not an empath. I just did what i did intuitively.

People come to us, Empaths, often… even strangers to share some of the most personal and intimate secrets about their lives (And we do not even have to ask).

They came to us looking heavy and troubled but they left us feeling light and elated. Perhaps there is a board on my forehead that says “Confession time”…

But I heard that it was due to something in our energy fields whereby its welcoming and beckoning others to approach us. It might also due to our open hearts.


I wished there was a lot of info about empaths back then… so I can give a “guidebook” to every new being i meet…

These are some of the many “getting-to-know-empaths” website.

https://exemplore.com/paranormal/What-is-an-Empath-Traits-signs-solutions (info about empaths including why clutter, places and food can make empaths feel unhappy)

https://www.psychicgurus.org/psychic-empath/ (5 types of empaths? I can be in all categories, sometimes all at once sometimes individually)

(if you love an empath, how to keep one)

https://www.learning-mind.com/empath-traits-character-flaws/(We are not lazy or boring. Some of us are adventurers and world travellers ;))

https://theknowing1.wordpress.com/do-you-have-leaky-aura-syndrome/ (do you have leaky aura?)

We may stay “hidden” but we do exist. (Not all are introverts)

I’ve learnt to embrace myself after many “heartbreaks, betrayals, rejections, bullying, trauma and many more” as a child and adult.

I still make mistakes in my self expression with others. I felt thah empaths often have trouble expressing themselves and letting people in.

And so I make it as a habit to always share as much truth as I can. In anyway that can enlighten my own journey and others.

I didn’t know about empaths’ existence only in recent years when I start to learn about spirituality. I met many after I accept myself as one.

Its not easy being an empath. If you know some, love and cherish them greatly.

Our “programs” are different and we have some kind of magnetic attraction to mass especially those in need of help or listening ear…

Yes I attract narcissistic peeps as well. But that’s why empaths have to work harder in learning about themselves than the world.

My kids are empaths too. And so when they have challenges communicating or connecting with the world, they seek my help.

As I do my best to solve their challenges, it also enriches me.

For those who knew me, I cannot explain the many things I do/did.

But for that peace of mind, heart and soul… I have to do them even though I might lose the peeps I love dearly.

we are warriors. Constantly give as much love to self as compared to you giving to the world constantly. And learn as much about yourself.

Boundaries are essential. Its ok to say no. Don’t be a 7-11 store opening up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember, what use will you be, when you are broken?

Do what you need to do.


Everything is gonna be alright.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

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