Every disease has a root cause and issue that needed to be uncovered.

I felt the need to share this before I forgot. I have this fear to share because I’m not an expert. I’m not a doctor or professional physician. My role is to help peeps find the root and cause to heal themselves fully so no repetion of such disease in their lives.

So just read with a bucket of salt…

What I’m going to share next is about patterns of diseases. Every disease, has a pattern of attraction. A certain type of people for certain diseases.

For example peeps who have cancer are often very kindhearted, willing to sacrifice anything for their loved ones and often found living for the sake of others.

And they often put others before themselves that they forgot to care for the most important person in their lives, themselves. If needed, they are willing to sacrifice their oxygen mask for others.

For diabetes, there is some form of bitterness in their lives that they keep within, some form of resentment. And issues with worthiness to enjoy the best things in life that are often sweet. Often stemmed from childhood.

For autoimmune diseases, often they faces self betrayal, hatred/dislike within themselves that eventually manipulate their bodies to go against them than working together harmoniously.

High blood/stroke is often related to anger issues. Unable to manage their own anger towards either themselves, the world or their loved ones. Most I noticed keep these to themselves for fear of acting out their anger or express them. So it slowly kills them.

Stroke is when anger is overwhelmingly beyond they can handle and may or may not be entity involvement like Jin where they enter when he/she is in the most angry state that they lose themselves in rage. Can be called temporary sanity gone haywire.

Skin diseases often relates to shame. How we think/feel the world judge/perceive us in a negative light.

Mental diseases is the stress or overworked of mental activities. A kind of endless loop. Feeling lonely in certain predicament that may felt helpless or hopeless. No one to shared with that may understand rather than judge. If overwhelmed can also be involvement of entities entering the mind and jeopardising their healthy mindset.

Any issues with eyes often relates to our issues with the present, past and future. Acknowledging them. Farsighted means having issues processing your present. Nearsighted is about the future. Something fearful is preventing you from having clear vision.

Joints issues means having issue with the flow of life happening either past, present or future. Meaning cannot go with the flow.

Vertigo is about having one of their foundational staunch beliefs questioned due to an event or series of events. Thus the need to uproot the belief almost immediately and the being cannot handle the change. Thus the spinning and dizzyness.

Teeth issues are often about root belief system. Often adopted in childhood or even in womb.

Spinal issues are relating to the core of one’s life. For example – if you lead a life full of pretense and sold yourself for fear, safety or face sake, like being in an abusive relationship that may jeopardise your life anytime and you know where its ending will lead you but you won’t do anything about it no matter how others may try to help you as if you are resigned.

Asthma concerns suffocation. Often involved you not able to be your true self. The need to be someone else depicted by someone of authority like parents, peers etc is slowly killing you.

Weight issues is often something you are fearful about and being bigger in size or heavier in weight creates the illusion that you are protecting yourself. Actually to avoid facing a certain problem. Dislike of confrontation.

What I’m saying are from my experiences of observation and healing. But not necessarily may be 100% true for you.

We each have layers like onions to peel to get to the root of it.

There are many more diseases and patterns of attraction, I faced with my clients that I haven’t mentioned, yet.

But one can start with Louise Hay’s book – You can heal your life. The author has passed but she has successfully healed herself from cancer and live a ripe age of 90.

What about kids or babies born with ailments? We each have agreed to be born a human in this life. And alongside our agreement, I believe we each took some kind of challenge mission.

Yes it’s unfair to say kids or even babies attract all these when some were born with it. What I’ve learnt in my healers’ circles is that sometimes it’s passed down from previous generation. A challenge not solved yet. Sometimes it’s our own agreement to accept it. Sometimes it’s our own mother who is dealing it.

My belief is that kids before puberty who passed will go to paradise definitely thus their ailments and passing left behind something for us to learn. A transformation that can lead multiple miracles and ripples of goodness and empowerment. But again, all these are beliefs I adopted. Choose what feels right for you and use them for the betterment of your life and your loved ones.

Forgive me if anything I mentioned triggers pain. But normally if anything is triggered, it means we have to prod further. Dig deeper. Cos something is lurking to be discovered and healed.

I believed everything that we faced, the Almighty always provided us with the solutions, not one but at least 2. Our job is to be courageous and determined to dig deeper within and find it. Everything is possible. Have faith. Do your bestest and surrender the rest. Always think well of yourself, the world, and the Creator. We are definitely worthy to be healthy and happy.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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