Does "shielding" work for empaths?

If you and your loved ones felt “drained” after meeting someone or was in a crowded area like theme parks, malls etc…then you might be an empath. If one cannot regulate back the peaceful balance energy within self, it will accumulate that “chaotic-ness” and form “dis-eases’.

At first, its a common cold, cough etc and later if not “solved”, they will eventually “zap” the life out of you and form major dis-eases. Our bodies only “send these messages” to us so that we can “rectify” before they became worse. So listen to your body…

I only understood the meaning of soul-sensitive only when I learnt more about spirituality. And I thought I was the only one in my family. It seems everyone is empath. I hope “this gift” stop with me, but my kids too are “sensitive”.

Truth is-Everyone is “sensitive” to a certain degree.You can notice by their body language.

The first thing I was taught was “SHIELD”. Imagine there is white light (choose whatever color, I love pink) covering you in an orb, protecting you from what you perceived as “negative” energy (nothing is good or bad, only we define that). It can be made of permeable membrane that allows only LOVE to enter and non-love energy to leave .

So after many years of “experimenting”… I realised “shield” does not work well for me.

SHIELD can work if your empathy is not strong. For empaths and indigo children/starseeds, they might not work.

Second option, to let these energies flow through you. And not keeping any of them. It’s not yours. (but how do you know? what is yours and what is not? One has to continue “experimenting” with self. For me a prayer works-What is not mine, let it flow out of me easily and completely.)

Third option- LOVE.
Love them all.
In my work, I cannot use shield, I need to sync my everything with the other souls. I called it the “embodiment of love”…
My sons often looked at me, and know if I “shield” myself or not… It can be “brutal” going through throngs of peeps or in a concert. I looked so “distraught” and “weakened” after.
Anyway, this method ….
This is the most powerful one I’m still learning to harness. I’m shining with the divine love (everyone has it and its never-ending) from inside out.
This love will transform whatever is within and without. People will flock to you but whatever they bring along, will be “healed”/”transformed”…to love.
I prefer this because it felt like a synchronization of all our myriad colors and flavors of energies into one-LOVE. And regardless whatever “feud” of differences we have between us, somehow, there seems to be an invisible cord of peace, love and understanding.
But one thing, SELF-LOVE is the utmost gift you have to give yourself if you use this method. You need to ensure you are always taken care of…. by yourself-body, heart. mind and soul.
If you need nature, give that to self. If you need to be by yourself, give that to self. Whatever you need, give. And then as you learn the art of self-love, the world around you changes and learn with you, as well.
What better way of living than being LOVE, right?



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