Day 82 – Prosperous consciousness

Day 82
What I feel like saying… 
Prosperity consciousness
I used to have a hard time being open to receive large amounts of money. 
And so my blog has been ads-free for many years and I did not get a single cent being a popular food blogger. 
Because I felt that money relates to my self worth and deservability. 
So when one of my Mentor suggested me selling spaces in my blog for ads, I was reluctant. Not only that, we calculated the minimum price for my space and the amount turned me off. 
It was too huge for me. Many fears and beliefs surrounded money came up, creating blocks and resistance to be open to more wealth and abundance. 
Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot. 
And it was successful, I get to attract the right business peeps and got paid. But thru out, I was shivering inside. 
I cannot understand why I was not able to receive such amount when in fact I’ve spent thousands to blog about hundreds of food places spending my own money, time, energy etc
And some times, I dragged my kids and my former spouse as well, and that adds to their money, time, energy, research etc. 
Not only that.. many had voiced out that they wanted to partner with me to create awareness on my brand and my food mission. But I was afraid to be more abundant and popular. There seems to be a glass ceiling on my success and wealth, within, unconsciously. 
I thought that if I do all these for the Almighty, then I don’t have to worry about abundance. Cos He will take care of me. And true enough that is what happened. But I also have a limit as to how much the Universe can give me which I shouldnt have. I should have just trusted the Almighty. 
What’s the deep-seated cause? 
Stories told when I was young were often about rich wealthy men who started poor and build business up by themselves but when they grew wealthier, they forgot about the Almighty and grew arrogant. And then, their business burnt to the ground and they were left off worse than they started. 
I fear such endings happened to me and so I created a limitation for myself. 
But that was ages ago. And eversince, I’ve worked hard to improve on my self beliefs and affirmations. 
And it has been a fun journey, eversince because I never knew what abundance might knocked at my door… 
I’ve received all kinds of stuff. Sometimes it was just a wishful thinking and immediately it appeared in forms of couriers, cheques, business and many more. 
And one of my favorite wealth affirmation is :
(I read lots of books from Joseph Murphy and Florence Scovel Shinn and I used their affirmations and sometimes tweaked them to suit me) 
“Everyday, I am open to receive avalanches of wealth and abundances that is mine by divine right.” 
And then I just be open to everyday miracles and given thanks for everything. 
P. S: Together, let’s awaken our world by being our most authentic, joyous, abundant, loving selves. 
It’s OK, if you don’t belong to the crowd. Belong to yourself is enough. You are ENOUGH.
Be the unique you and shine. You matter. 
We matter. The world need us in our colourful truths. Stand strong. Rise bold. 
Don’t matter if there is anyone with you or supporting you or the fact that you felt unwanted or rejected. 
You don’t need permission to be you. You are a life warrior. Have courage to do what feels right to you.
Stop hiding in the shadows. Stop concealing your imperfections. 
It’s OK if you have unhealed wounds. Resolute to learn/unlearn, grow and heal them. We are all works-in-progress. 
Your existence is important and it is powerful. There is a great purpose/s in you being alive. 
Remember that. 
I may not know you but if I did, I know, I will love you. Because no matter what we are, we each deserved to be loved, seen, heard and matter.
This is what I believe. This is my truth. I’m Honouring it by sharing and spreading my message. 
What is your truth? Get to know, explore. Then, Express and Share it. 
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