Day 72 – Virtual reality

Day 72…
What I feel like saying….
Virtual reality.
Spending so much time with my boys, I learn lots about games and virtual reality.
Have you ever watched scifi movies where the world seemed pretty doomed with humans all tied to some form of virtual reality game as their everyday life? Ready player one is one of such movies.
Anyway, what if our current life is virtual reality?
What if I tell you that we are currently wearing the virtual reality scopes?
Will that freak you out?
Our “world” are shaped by us. 
What is real what is not. What is truth, what is bullshit. What is visible and what is imaginary. What is fact and what is not. 
We gathered information throughout our lives from parents, teachers, mentors, family, friends….and then adopt many more from medias we are exposed to. 
Then we sieved and filtered them and sync to our experiences. And then we mould everything up into our version of the world.
Everyone is seeing the world differently. We each have our own unique VR scopes on.
If we were to take out the VR scope, will we see the world differently?
That is why, some of us choose to “see” the world with our hearts and spirits.
We, humans, often fight with one another because of these virtual reality we created. We each wanted to win. We wanted to show another that our version of the world is correct. 
No matter. Ego fight can be endless. 
Before you championed your reality and misjudge another, 
Think, and feel in your heart and soul… 
What is the truth of it all? 
Is the fight worthy of sacrificing time, energy, blood, tears and perhaps lives? 
Dear awakened men and empowered women… 
Together, let’s be conscious world. 
Let’s awaken our world by being our most authentic, joyous, abundant, love selves. 
Let’s unfold our good, bad and the awesome parts of us…And loving them all. 
Be you. You are unique. You matter. 
We matter. The world need us in our colourful truths. Stand strong. Rise bold. Have courage. Work together. Unite in love. 
Our existence is important and it is powerful. Remember that. 
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