Day 55 – Grief is not just about someone passing but…

Day 55 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Grief is not just about the passing of your loved ones. 
Grief also includes breaking up from relationships not necessarily romantic, business bankrupt or big loss, losing something precious and sacred, divorced, and many more. 
Many times, we did not give ourselves some time to grieve fully. 
For me, when I was divorced, I was concerned about the people around me and how I can support them (such as my former spouse, my kids, my parents etc). I pushed aside my grief and became strong for them. 
When all was done, and everything was fine, I went off on a world tour. I did not take time out to grief. 
But its never too late. 
If you have experienced a big loss anywhere in your life, you can go back to that moment of time and grieve. 
Our subconscious record everything in great details 
Meditate by being conscious of your slow breathing. 
(Let’s take my example…
Now I’m 42, I was divorced when I was 33/34…)
So as I became calm, I went deeper to meet with my 33 year old self. 
I approached her and told her who I am. And I asked her about the divorce.
It make take time to coax or persuade the 33 year old me/you to express herself. 
Be patience. Do what you feel is right to get close to her. 
And eventually the water bag burst, and soon, I was screaming my heart out. 
If she allows me to touch her, I shall let her scream as much as she wants. And when she is done, I gave her a big hug. 
Eventually we part ways, smiling and being happy. 
Even though I’ve done some work along the years on this, I’ve not grieve fully. And as I expressed myself out, the big heaviness within my spirits were lifted. 
Along with other trapped emotions like guilt and regret came out too. If not, you can also do emotion code or EFT on them. 
Hope that helps. 
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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