Day 50 – The Universe has our backs….


Day 50 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
A neighbour’s home caught fire recently. 
I was awaken by a burnt smell but unsure what it was, I did not go into panic mode. I stayed awake watching my kids asleep peacefully. 
Eventually, the police came and ensure everyone in the neighbourhood was safe.
Meanwhile, for me…. 
Many things ran in my head. 
The fire was very near to us but we came out unscathed and were not affected badly. It felt like the higher power has been watching over us. Feeling grateful and loved. 
But as a single parent who has gone thru this before and felt like her roof can be “robbed” anytime and that nothing is certain, I felt susceptible and vulnerable to fear. Mostly I’m fearful for my kids. 
As a parent, it’s my duty to ensure we are all protected and our basic needs are met. 
After the passing of my mom, I’ve never felt more alone. She always had our back with my step father even though they lived far away. 
Though my step dad has continued to watch us from afar, it never felt the same. 
You see, me and mom had powerful telepathic connection. And that connection has departed with her. 
I felt orphaned in this world of 7 billion people. 
But I also acknowledged my neighbours’ kind intentions to watch over us. 
At the end of the day, I also acknowledge our privacy behind closed doors. 
Where am I going with this? 
It felt that the fire was there to remind us all of something. We each was left with different lessons to learn and unlearn. 
As a parent who had been “homeless”, this fire triggered that fear within me. As human protectors for my kids, I felt as if I was powerless to do anything. 
And a chaotic slur of what-ifs played endlessly in my head. I grew hopeless and helpless. And I went into a frenzy fearful mode. 
When I caught my chaotic mind, consciously…. 
I then take a few deep breaths. I noticed the many abundance and peaceful things around me and give thanks. 
And I realised, that there is no certainty in life. People come and go. There is up and down, and sometimes life goes right, and or left and sometimes totally off our chartered plans. 
This is not supposed to be my concern. 
There is no way I can be 100% in control of life. But I can be responsible, by being conscious and aware. 
So when that happens, I knew someone always have our back, a greater power… A higher authority…. the Universe. 
And I surrendered all that I cannot control to the Almighty. 
Thank you. Truly grateful. 
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