Day 31 : Be a good receiver.

Day 31 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Be an awesome receiver in life. 
I noticed many of us especially women, are not good receivers of the best things in life. 
One way to notice is – when one compliments you, “You look good, today.” 
What do you say, in return? 
Often, we quickly try to put something together in a jiffy to compliment the person back in return. 
The appropriate reply should be: Say, “Thanks” …
And receive it fully. Listen and accept it. Bask in that glow of being complimented. It really feels good. 
Don’t think of a clever answer or anything to return back. 
What about – when one says I Love you?
Did you stop for a moment and feel how wonderful that is? 
Or do you immediately say- I love you too. 
It became so widely used (but not pondered and well-received) , that sometimes, it no longer holds the powerful effect of love conveyed. 
Practise with your loved ones. 
When they say- I love you, tell them-thank you. 
Normally when one compliments or say loving things from the heart, they don’t need anything in return from you. 
If you want to pass it forward, do it later. 
Later, when you are aware of the awe in everything. 
Notice awesome and beautiful things from people and give them compliments from the heart. Give it to closest ones, give it to strangers, that waitress, the mailman, the shopkeeper etc. 
And don’t wait for anything in return. 
Women especially mothers have difficulty embracing compliments. Because we are so used to be the good giver in our lives. We were taught to sacrifice everything for our families. 
We were taught to give, give, give and when we received, we pushed it away. So much so that our subtle body languages may shun or turn away without us consciously knowing. Because we were not taught the art of receiving, well. 
Be an awesome receiver. Practise it everyday. 
Say “deservability and worthiness” affirmations and feel it. 
I often use EFT tapping for these daily affirmations:
” I am good enough. 
I am worthy. 
I deserve the best things in life and love.”
When you are ready to receive the best things in life, the Universe will definitely give it to you. 
Expect miracles, 
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abundant women around the world.
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