Day 13 – We already have whatever we need: Love.

Day 13 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying… 
Thru this challenging time (covid19) , I was asked to recommend a daily routine for those who wished to stay in good health, joy and love. 
For me personally, this is what my kids and I do daily. 
As we got up and thank the Almighty for a brand new day…. 
We meditate on self-love.
This is how we do it. 
First we focus on our breathing.
Then we smile and open our hearts. We imagined that our hearts have so much love to give. And it’s endless. 
And that love can be in any color you want. I prefer pink. 
We imagined that our hearts emit powerful love and we bask ourselves in that love from head to toe. We allow that love to enter every parts of our beings, every nook and cranny. 
You will start to feel wonderful tingling or sensations. Take a moment to bask into that wonderful feeling. 
Enjoy as long as you want.
When you feel enough, you can start, sending love to those closest to you. 
For me, are my kids. And we have fun sending love to each other. 
You can stop there or proceed on, to your other loved ones, your colleagues, the whole world (by imagining covering the continents with so much love). 
You can even give love to those you have challenging relationships with. (and notice the miracles later) 
I believe LOVE is one of the most powerful energy in the world. And it heals as well. 
I remembered I met a gentleman who is very sensitive to energy. And we were sharing about our life journey. 
As he shared parts of him that was vulnerable and in need of cheering up , I decided to send my love to him. And immediately, he felt this huge love sent to him from me. 
It was just an intention and he was so far away from me-he in Spain and I was in Asia at that moment, and I did not even inform him of my intention. 
But he already felt my love. And it was so powerful that he was in awe. And he said that he has never felt anything so wonderful before. 
It was not intended for romantic love. It was just a moment I felt like giving love. 
That was just 1 story, I shared. There were many others who’ve experienced similar sensations whenever I sent them love. And I’ve received love from my loved ones around the world, as well. Personally it felt like someone gives me a big loving hug. It’s truly a wonderful gift. 
Energy works miraculously. 
And like a prayer, you don’t need permission to send love to anyone. 
And this love, I’m referring to, is unconditional love. Love for no reason. Love given with no expectations. 
But the main thing is, give the love you deserved, to yourself, daily. 
And watch how you glow in love, joy and in health from within and to the outer. 
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Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.

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