Country 45-Geneva, Switzerland…

I’ve been hearing about Switzerland often this few months. I listened intently as my parents told me about their spontaneous road trip around Europe and my heart wandered with them as they shared with me their crazy adventures. And then I heard about another from my kids and friends.

Hmm… I suspected, that invisibly, my inner world is already preparing to visit this new country.

When I crashed on Dom and Ben’s road trip home… truthfully, I did not know where in the map, was I going to… I just enjoyed the ride.

When the travel was coming to an end, I had two choices. One is to go to Paris by train and then a fast speed train to Amsterdam. Another is to head to Geneva, Switzerland using a car sharing app with strangers called blablacar. (It cost only $7 Euro to travel 1hour 10minutes from Chamberie to Geneva. )

The thought of getting a new country as an accolade in my heart, makes me happy thus I choose Geneva.

Time flew by so fast…

I had not “process” my amazing experiences in the two warrior camps and the road trips in France… but I’m happy to be in Geneva.

 Short snippet of thoughts… (I’ve got gazillion of them)

Driving to Geneva…
There was no immigration checkpoint. The officers just waved at us at the border only selecting a few cars to inspect.
I reached the train station and the hotel is nearby.
I observed that there are many Asian food and supermarket.
I’ve been craving for some Asian spicy food and rice..

I noticed that the food prices are exhorbitantly high… $10-20francs (about 9-19Euro) per meal…
I went into McD and KFC to compare. Same prices…
Well, I’m glad they got Halal options and breaking fast (iftar) too!

FYI-on Sunday’s … most shops are closed. I had to change my money into local currency at the only shop that is open: Western Union at train station.
Bonus: I got free transport card for days… woohoo!
I embrace the Free wifi and breakfast… from the hotel….

My room looks invitingly comfy…
but… Yikes! The adapter is different than in European countries…
(One of many challenges I faced in traveling spontaneously but I plug into the USB of TV. Solved.)

I went out and wander about without a map. I took the public transport on a whim. I analyse the food in the local supermarkets. I smiled at passersby with chocolate residues all over my teeth.

I watched many lovers kissed passionately by the fountain.

The feel of the city…
I see abundance everywhere. I see more love being expressed here than in France. Disconnection. Not sure if its my own or the city. Because I felt estranged although embraced with love by the locals. Customer service was pretty awesome. I can feel some hearts and sincerity.

Ok I’m gonna have quality “me-time” before I come back for Eid celebration (end of fasting month for Muslims) with my family in the Netherlands…

May you be conscious and aware how much you are loved, everyday.

Cos love is abundant. And we are love.

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